Did you do any black Friday Shopping? I definitely did.

I took the opportunity to snag my first pair of thigh high boots from Aldo. They were 50% off and finally within my budget to justify more shoes.

This is how I styled them for the first time..

I was recently asked how I felt about thigh high boots …coincidentally, it was after I made this very purchase.

“do you think they are too much?!”

I think they are an incredibly chic piece to add to any wardrobe. It all depends on how you want to use them, they can be super sexy for the club. But I love them as a classy statement piece in boots season.

Blog_aldo Boots_ forward walking.jpg

Blog_aldo Boots_side facing.jpgBlog_Aldo Boots_Behind.jpg

Blog_aldo boots_daken_face forward.jpg

blog-Aldo Boots_Daken.jpg

The boot ties up in the back of the thigh, ensuring they stay up in the most stylistic way possible.

I paired them with a comfy old navy jean, white H&M sweater dress, and a classic white trench. All the white was washing out my pale skin, so i choose a brown lip for high contrast with my makeup.

All in all, it comes together as a low cost outfit that is very high end looking.

The Aldo sale is not going on anymore…but if you got to have them, you can check them out HERE.

ps. there are other boots on sale in the link

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