I haven’t been thrift shopping in a good minute…ever since my ‘gold mine’ was shut down, I haven’t wanted to search out a new place to thrift. Then a friend of mine introduced me to a new spot called Plato’s Closet…and I’M BACK!

Here is my first haul and my first thrifted outfit of 2017

My new thrifting location is “Plato’s Closet in Oakville.” It is so nice, it even converted my Boyfriend into a thrifter. Before he would always stick up his nose at the thought of thrifting. But Plato only buys the best and most gently used.

Below is my portion of the haul.


Three skirts, two sweaters, two pairs of pants, one pair of Aldo heels.


One work dress, one jersey maxi dress, two faux leather jackets for BOTH under $35

I apologize for the sub-par photos…I blame snap chat

handle: babytdailygrind

Honestly everything I got I couldn’t wait to style. I have a few outfits, using these thrifting finds that I cannot wait to style and blog about!!

Here is outfit number one using my thrifting finds:


Do you recognize the thrifted items?!

  1. faux leather jacket
  2. flirty checkered skirt
  3. Leather pocket knitted sweater

I could have paired this outfit with my Aldo thrifted heels but it was a little too cold out for that!!





Hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post: pairing some of these thrifted finds with some high priced items.

Splurge and save is the name of the game.

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