After I made an outfit completely out of my last thrifted haul. I wanted to start mixing some of my thrifted finds with some of my higher priced items. Having one luxe item to an outfit can elevate an entire look.

I actually choose two high priced items to incorporate into my outfit, my Aldo boots and my camel coat.

Both are priced between $120-140 each, but I got both at half off. One at a sample sale and the other during Black Friday. The boots are half off again if you want to cash out at Aldo.

Now is the time for end of season sales people!


Thrifted: Pleather skirt, Blue cardi, white scarf



There is something so whimsical and fairy tale-like about that tree



The mixing of high and low priced items made for a banging Saturday look.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I will be continuing with this style tip with another outfit.

If you haven’t already you can check out where I got my thrifted items in my last blog post– and see how I styled a completely thrifted look.

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