I’m a fan of Victorian fashion… and the new trend of steampunk has me beyond curious. If it was socially acceptable to walk about in Victorian garb- I would.

There is something from that era that is both refined and sexy that has been lost in today’s day in age.

So a collaboration with Bel Jewelry Boutique was a ‘no brainer,’ when I came across this unique hand-made necklace called Steampunked. That had arrows, wings, and time all rolled into one.  Its a unique and intriguing piece.

But the first to catch my eye on their online boutique was an adorable piece called “Acorns on green stone.” I loved the mixture of cold stone and warm acorns together.

I mimicked this juxtaposition by layering a nature necklace with a steampunk one.







I choose a plunge neckline to show off the layering of the necklaces.

I also mirrored the juxtaposition of the necklaces by adding hard and soft pieces to the outfit. The studded heel and leather jacket went well with the steampunk necklace. While the lace detailing, relaxed jumper, and acorn necklace added softness to the look.

You can check out Bel Jewelry Boutique’s catalog of:



Birds & Feathers

Click whichever one tickles your fantasy!

Usually your choosing Jewelry for an outfit, but it’s always fun to build an outfit around some cute jewelry.

Because frankly if your not buying it to show it off..its not the right jewelry.

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