Don’t be one dimensional about your clothing.

A dress can work triple duty in your wardrobe as a dress, skirt, and a shirt. This week I showcased this style technique by turning a club dress into a classy street look capable of taking me to a museum in style.

This emerald green club dress is VERY form fitting to say the least.

It’s pasted onto my body from my neck to my thighs, leaving nothing to the imagination.

It even has a low cut back to show off even more skin.


To restyle this dress as classy, I added two layers.

To cover up my back:  I added a polka dot collared blouse under the dress.

Layered over top: I added a white flirty skirt.

This gives me an A-line shape rather than the hour glass shape from the club dress.




To compliment the vibrancy of the emerald green dress, I gave my makeup a pop of Pink!

Because we aren’t trying to hide everything about the dress, but simply re-purpose it for a different style occasion.

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Stay tuned for another post where I’ll layer a dress to be used as a skirt!



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