The Canadian Long weekend is here, and that is when I usually do my photos for social media. But of course, it is nothing but rain and fog set for the forecast.

Then a perfect backdrop for a foggy day hit me… the docks with the lighthouse!

So I put on my best rainy day colourful outfit and braved the cold. 

I have both this umbrella and raincoat that is very “Mary Poppins.”

So I completely embraced it, full hearted!

marypoppins (1 of 1)

Star Lord: HAHA you look like Mary Poppins.

Yondu: was he cool?

Star Lord: Hell Yah, he was cool.

Yondu: I’m fucking Mary Poppins, y’all

**Guardian of the Galaxy** – if your not in the know 😉

umbrella_raincoat (1 of 1)

The rain was not going to hold me back!

docks_twirling (1 of 1)

Screw that, i’ll dance in the rain!

I had this image of the foggy gray behind me creating a black and white world with me living in colour. I think mission accomplished. I was so pleased.

lighthouse (1 of 1)

Thought it only right to show the light house that inspired me for this outfit of the day post.

And I have to give it up to Garnier Fructis new 1 minute hair mask for keeping my naturally wavy hair in it’s blow dried state throughout the shoot. #props


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