Honestly I did not think a high low dress would be apart of my wardrobe.

But here we are!

Read on to get my style thoughts and why I didn’t think high low dresses were worth it.

This whole outfit is actually from Target.

Target had a brief occupation in Canada… and during that time I definitely bought quite a few pieces. I was sad to see them go.

high_low_gargole building_walking (1 of 1)

Why I didn’t think a high low was ALL THAT?

It seemed like a fleeting trend, and not really mean’t for girls with hips.

The high low makes your hips look even WIDER!

To even out the width of my hips, I elongated my legs with 4 inch strappy-heels.

high_low_wood wall (1 of 1)

The reason I bought it in the first place was the colour!!

I was a walking sunrise.

Plus it’s a dress you can throw into a suitcase and pull out and wear in a second.

No fuss no muss.

high_low_gargole building (1 of 1)

So summer easy breezy.

high_low_wood wall_Close up (1 of 1)

If you love the high low trend or absolute hate it.. let me know in the comments!!

On a side note: it’s also nice to show some leg but also feel like your not wearing a mini dress.

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