I recently went thrift shopping, the first in about a year!!

The first outfit I made with my thrifted items was a chic work fit.

Since I am in the midst of losing some extra pounds I put on, I have a large majority of clothing that I cannot fit anymore. Hence, I made sure to look for a new pair of work pants as the selection in my wardrobe currently is pretty slim.

When I found these high-waisted pants, they didn’t look like much sitting on the hanger, but I knew high waisted would look better on. So they went in the cart.

Thrifted Workfit_no glasses (1 of 1)Thrifted Workfit_glasses on (1 of 1)

When I put them on, I got 50’s working girl vibez that I was loving.

Think the days when women were stuffing their hips to get that Marilyn Monroe hips.

The top is from brand seduction; suitably named. It is completely sheer with lace strategically placed over the bust.

The booty lines from the high-waisted pants were fantastic as well.

Thrifted Workfit_walking (1 of 1)

I added a punch of colour with coral vibrant heels, rose glasses, and an orange work bag from Target.

I am basically wearing two colours: orange and blue.

But what keeps the look visually interesting is the different shades of each colour.

Thrifted Workfit_sitting (1 of 1)

Obviously for work, I would pair the sheer top with a black/navy undergarment.

The non-thrifted items: Rose Sunglasses from Shoppers drug mark (YUP!), Aldo heels, and Target work bag.

What do you think?

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