It’s my first thrifting haul of 2018.

I haven’t been shopping in what feels like forever, Andrew and I have been very strict with our finances lately. So this haul was long overdue!!

Read on to find out what I purchased, and how much it cost!

Can you believe that Andrew and I went to the thrift store an hour before closing, searched the whole store, tried on, and checked out at 3 minutes before closing.

You can believe we were getting some looks from the employees, but I am sorry we tried to go as fast as possible. I think an hour for the size of the store and try-on’s is freaking amazing.

So here is what I decided to bring home after the change room.

In total I purchased 10 items for $76.9.


  1. Pair of Navy High Waisted Dress Pants – 13.99
  2. Black High Waisted Stretch Jeans – 12.99
  3. Golden Floral Design Jeans -12.99


The dress pants were a perfect find, because all the dress pants I have for work are heavy. These were light weight and perfect for spring/summer.

The black stretch jeans fit so perfectly, I can see myself wearing them every other day.

The floral design jeans because obviously you need a little fun in your life.


  1. Sexy Casual Tee – 5.99
  2. Blah Blah Blah white tee – 4.99
  3. Blue Tank with zipper back – 7.99
  4. Maroon Knit Tee – 4.49
  5. Sleeveless Loft Blouse – 9.99
  6. Seduction Blouse – 4.49

I know the “sexy tee” doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but the stretch material on the body looks great.

The Blah Blah Tee is adorable, and I love to add a graphic tee to my outfits.

The Blue Tank because it’s summer, and I never buy enough super casual wear.

The buttoned knit because it can do double duty as casual and work wear.

The loft sleeveless because its the perfect summer work wear.

The seduction blouse because layered with under garments its a non boring work blouse!


  1. Lace mid knee summer dress – 6.99


This dress seemed perfect for summer occasions… whether it be a wedding invitation or a date night out with the man!

Seven Dollars … goes a long way with this dress.

What do you think of my newest thrifting haul?

what’s your favourite find?

Let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for outfit posts I made with these items.




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