I’ve made quite a few outfits from my latest thrifting haul…

Both work appropriate and casual wear looks.

Two pieces I have yet to style are ironically my favourite pieces?

What is up with that…

I purchased a buttoned burgundy top, but it’s a little thick for the heat waves these days!

I also bought a lace dress, but I am saving that for an appropriate event.

So let’s look at what I did style!!

Let’s go to musical festival outfit.

Thrifted_patterned jeans_festival (1 of 1)┬áThe two thrifted pieces: floral design jeans and the “Sexy tee” red top.

I paired it with flats cause I want to be comfortable. A tasseled purse which seemed appropriate for a festival. I added some shine to the outfit with the necklace and sunglasses.

Hairstyle: braided back easy waves with a single braid behind the ear.

Food truck weekend look

Blah Blah Tee_Ice Cream Truck_2 (1 of 1)

Thrifted items: Sketch Jeans and blah blah tee.

This picture is so Canada day, but it was much too hot to wear this outfit on actual Canada Day.

I had worked out in a space bun hairstyle this day. I realized that it would be such a cute hairstyle to pair with my “Blah Blah Blah” tee. Any type of bottom would go great with this tee, but these sketch jeans are so comfortable they seemed perfect for food truck bloat (haha!). The red heels added a colour pop to a black and white look.

Canada Day look


What I actually wore on Canada day is this look.

It was so hot, we were pretty much melting away.

Thrifted item: blue tank.

We went to check out a ball game, and the blue tank seemed the perfect match for this day. I wanted to be comfortable, but a pair of shorts seemed too plain with this tank. So I added a skirt with a floral design. Pair of chucks cause heels were out of the question, and my call it spring purse that is perfect for a light travel day to Toronto.

Work it thrifted look

Thrifted Workfit_glasses on (1 of 1)

Well two of the main pieces in this wardrobe are thrifted. The work pant and the blouse. They are both shades of blue, which go great with my everyday work bag from Target. I pulled the orangey tones with the a coral heel and my rose gold sunglasses.

Albeit, coral/orange/rose aren’t exactly the same colours. A look doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy with colours for everything to generally GO TOGETHER.

On the go: double duty look


This is my look to go check out a Designer Shoe Warehouse sale. I wore one of the sandals I picked up to see Ant Man later in the day.

This thrifted loft sleeveless blouse goes with everything: work or casual. So to pair with a high waisted black short was a simple casual day look for an on the go chick.

The sheer of the blouse was still sexy enough for a date look out with the man.


Which was your favourite look:

-Music Festival look

-Food Truck Space Buns

-Canada Day Ball Park Look

-Work it thrifted look

-On the go: double duty look

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