Growing up I always paired skirts and dresses with sneakers.

The grown up version of this relaxed cool look is loafers!

I’ve been looking for “My Pair” for awhile now, and every pair I saw just wasn’t quite right for some reason, until the sale last weekend.

When I was young people would ask why I always wear sneakers with my dresses/sneaks. I would answer: “why not? they are comfortable” (obvy…)

I didn’t care what I was ‘supposed’ to wear.

Photo proof below!

me laur school (1)

Meet highschool “Baby T” rockin’ school required kilt paired with sneakers.

I’ve taken this relaxed look into my work wear today!

Loafers paired with a dress are perfect for the “on-the-go” business gal.

Although I work at a desk, when I need to travel around the office, the loafers make that so easy. I never thought I would stray away from heels, but it looks like I’m going back to my high school roots.

I just want to be cool and comfortable.

work outfit_Building_full length (1 of 1)

This dress is actually thrifted, it fit a little bit too loose, especially in the waist.

I usually just pair it with a waist belt, but today I thought I would try something I little different. A waist vest, that like the belt, cinches me right at the waist.

I got the loafers from the designer shoe warehouse sale in markham; I went to last weekend. I picked up 2 pair of work shoes, and 3 sandals for $130 – NOT BAD.

These loafers are from the brand naturalizer… I honestly never thought I would purchase a shoe from there. But they are SO comfortable, and surprisingly cute.

I got them for $40 at the sale, they are usually $89 at naturalizer, but at DSW LINKED HERE they are $69.99.

work outfit_Close Up_hair (1 of 1)

Lastly I paired the look with a easy wave hairstyle swooped to the side with twists.

Let me know what you liked (or didn’t like) about this look in the comments below!!

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