So this weekend I had a planned a photo shoot about an hour from home, and we made the journey on Saturday only to be deeply disappointed…

We had to make some quick decisions and changes, which turned out to be a great photo session.

So the plan was to check out “Bogle Seeds” which opens up their fields when in full sunflower blooms to the public for pictures and general enjoyment. We get there and police are everywhere, and highways are at a stand still full of parked cars and people.

Once we finally ask what happened?! We found out that the farm wasn’t expecting to go “viral” and that they were causing too much of a commotion and have been fined, and are forced to close. So i will never get my beautiful sunflower photos.

NOOOO – this is so my luck….

We drove an hour out to Hamilton for this, so I do a quick google search to find top places to take photos in Hamilton and find “dundurn castle.”

It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting for the shoot, but the results are still pretty awesome!

castle_lookback (1 of 1)

I mean look at that!

There was a side brick building which I had to take photos with (obviously!)

…I love a brick back drop.

castle_brick_exploring (1 of 1)

castle_brick_full view (1 of 1)

Outfit details:

Unfortunately all my pieces are a not this season, but I’ve linked each brands current pieces.

Every turn we made at Dundurn castle had another great place to shoot.

Like these grand doors.

castle_doors_windswipt (1 of 1)castle_doors_backless (1 of 1)

Next turn there were some steps and beautiful grand poles.

castle_exploring (1 of 1)

castle_steps (1 of 1)castle_poles_side (1 of 1)castle_poles_front (1 of 1)

All in all it was a good unexpected little adventure!

castle_trees_exploring (1 of 1)



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