If you read my last post, you know I was completely disappointed about a sunflower field. But guess what there is also a really well organized Lavender field in the Greater Toronto Area. So I styled an outfit to explore this farm!

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm was pretty serious: they had educational videos, a large amount of staff, designated parking, and a gift shop.

They also hold multiple colonies of bees… doing their part to save this world of ours!

That was really great to know.

TerreBleu_scene (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_Back_field (1 of 1)

As soon as you pull into the farm, the fragrance washes over you and the barn out front is so adorable and greets you warmly. Honestly when we left the farm, despite how hot it was this day, I was completely relaxed. We spent an hour and half exploring this farm. I think the time speaks for itself, it didn’t feel like any other farm I’ve been to.

TerreBleu_Lilac (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_Herbs (1 of 1)

Side note: I bought a new lipstick “burnt coral” from Mabelline and I am LOVING it.

I’ve been looking for a lip shade with an orangy undertone for awhile, and this one really POPS. I’ve linked the shade here.


The farm is quite large and has two separate Lavender fields as well as some other areas. An unexpected treat was the forested area linking the two farms.

TerreBleu_Directions (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_Forest_Explore (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_Forest_back (1 of 1)

The shaded area felt like a welcomed release from the heat, and the light shining through the trees was beautiful. There were several little cute areas to take photos that the staff had set up!


But the main reason I wanted to check out this farm, was this whimsical door below!!

TerreBleu_DoorInDistance (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_Door_smiling (1 of 1)TerreBleu_Door_touchinghair (1 of 1)

Set up among the Lavenders was this door that reminded me of my old time favourite TV show “Once upon a Time.”


Outfit details:

  • Dress: it’s 15 years old if you can believe it!! It’s my graduation dress from highschool!!
  • Sandals: I’ve linked in a previous post. But they are Fergalicious by Fergie!

We ended the mini adventure with some Lavender Ice cream.

I had to talk Andrew into trying it, cause you know…. it doesn’t sound that great on paper. But we might as well try everything this farm has to offer right?! and the verdict…

TerreBleu_IceCream (1 of 1)TerreBleu_IceCreamOnly (1 of 1)

TerreBleu_IceCream_Silly (1 of 1)

It was delicious!!!

Thanks for reading along on my little style adventure.

let me know if you enjoy reading these types of posts, as they are something new I am trying out. Sharing these weekend adventures with you guys!!


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