Well it is officially the last month of Summer… before the fall weather moves in (boo) and the fall style is unleashed (YASSS!).

This is when Andrew and I get our asses in gear and try to squeeze every-bit of summer we can in. We went to Rockwood Conservatory Park this weekend and I styled an outfit that is both summer and fall for this post!

The mini skirt and the low cut crop top are very summery and bright. The orange and red pops of colour are very fall as well as the boots.

Together it’s a beautiful blend.

Rockwood Ruins_Sunsoak (1 of 1)Rockwood Ruins_Window SunBeam (1 of 1)

The shade was nice and comfortable and then the Vitamin D would hit you….leaving you feeling some type of way!

I decided to take photos inside Harris Woolen Ruins before we headed onto our hiking and canoe adventure.

Rockwood Ruins_Inside View (1 of 1)Rockwood Ruins_Bridge_pupandandrew (1 of 1)Rockwood Ruins_Stonewall Smile (1 of 1)

Shades: No Longer Available but linked similar at ILYMIX

Top: Thrifted

Skirt: Zara is a couple seasons ago – Colours are still big this upcoming season!

Boots: Burnt Orange Bootie- Linked Similar Call it Spring

Rockwood Ruins_Bridge Full Length (1 of 1)Rockwood Ruins_Bridge Hair (1 of 1)

My hair is actually inspired by two celebrities: Rhianna and Britney Spears.

The curls on one side are very “I’m a slave for you” and the braid is Rhianna stealing her half shaved head look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When this guy found this tiny hole in the castle we couldn’t resist this adorable photo op.

Rockwood Ruins_Andrew & Ares Window (1 of 1)

After this…

Ok we are off for a canoe ride with the pup and a hike around the lake..

Check the insta to see the photos there 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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