Andrew and I spent a Sunday date with Studio Escape for a day of Zen painting.

I have been to a paint night event before but Andrew has not, so it was nice to enjoy a day to be creative together!

Why I liked Studio Escape for a day of painting.

It really had a community feel to the event.

I would highly recommend to families in the area. In comparison to other paint nights in the area, the owner encourages little ones to participate in her events. On her instagram @Studio.Esc she even mentions the benefits of exposing kids to art in a way to express themselves. So if your looking to switch the usual for your family game nights or activities, why not an evening of painting together?!


Food and Drink is part of your purchase.

This one really impressed me, at other paint nights you are able to purchase food/drinks additional at the events. But you end up having to stuff down the appetizers or drinks right in the area that your painting. A girl beside me had her chicken fingers underneath her easel, and I remember trying to be careful not to mess with her food.

At Studio Escape, you actually get to sit down at a proper table and relax while you enjoy your food while conversing with other people at the event. Your paint instructor even times the dinner time so that your enjoying some eats to let your painting dry for the following steps. Which is really well organized.



It was my first time trying traditional Afgan Cuisine and I really enjoyed it!!

Give me bread, meat, and spices any day!


Instructions were patient and great for beginners

The owner herself, Arshi (say Hi when you go!), instructs the paint night herself which is a welcomed surprise because there is a different level of care to the craft when its your own business. She was very patient with all people at the event, and more then willing to stop and help each individual out.

In comparison at other paint nights I have been to, it was a completely rushed event. I even heard one of the instructions complaining that the attendees were too slow.

I didn’t feel rushed at all at this event. I believe I even recall Arshi the owner stating “Painting is about patience” during the event. Which was nice because more than a few times when starting a new part of the painting it can be a little nerve racking making that first stroke knowing you can completely muck up everything you just did. Arshi even came around and helped attendees “fix” something that the person didn’t like about their painting. Which I thought was really helpful. You don’t always get that individual attentiveness.




If this seems like the event for you and your in the greater toronto area… then I have great news. I have partnered with Studio Escape to offer all my readers a discount code of 10% off your purchase.

You can purchase online at their website.


Apply discount code “10TASHA” at time of purchase.

This code is available until the end of the year December 2018!!

Paint Night_arshi (1 of 1)

Arshi pictured above – you can thank her for the discount code offer!!


So the real question is…

Who did it better?!


HAHA let me know who you vote for right or left in the comments!!



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