So there are a few instagram worthy exhibits currently in Toronto that I have been wanting to check out.

This weekend we started with “The Happy Place”

You couldn’t miss it from the streets.


A lot of the exhibit is spent waiting your turn as you can imagine how packed this event is. But they definitely made sure to make every opportunity to have picture perfect scenery. Even the line up opening to the event below!


Andrew was giving me major hottie at the prom below.


Throughout the exhibit you are given little treats, like chocolate M&Ms and chocolate chip cookies. Which are all relevant to the installations.

happyplace_candy corner (1 of 1)

The below installation was giving me E News and disco vibes so I posed accordingly lol

happyplace_sparkly corner (1 of 1)

happyplace_twirl_instafeed (1 of 1)

If you go be sure to have your poses ready when it’s your turn. Obviously we did not coordinate for the couple shot, and Andrew looks more than a little embarrassed lol

happyplace_tub together (1 of 1)

But I was picturing this pose in my head throughout the whole line.

happyplace_tub_me (1 of 1)

It’s like Andrew knew what the installations looked like before we came, because his outfit suited so many of them!! Red carpet vibez below.

happyplace_the man red carpet (1 of 1)

happyplace_confetti (1 of 1)

Just pure happiness in the above photo and the below.

happyplace_happy (1 of 1)

So I decided that I need a room in my house that is filled with red kisses.

happyplace_Heart (1 of 1)

happyplace_kisses (1 of 1)

Mandatory corny photo lol

happyplace_cookie us (1 of 1)


happyplace_cookie_the man (1 of 1)

Just pure joy.

happyplace_pot of gold (1 of 1)

We skipped a few installations so go check it out for it all!!

A little expensive, it will take about hour and half to two hours to go through.

But I definitely had fun taking silly photos.






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