Baby T’s Fashion Diaries

pink beauty shot

I, Natasha Nolan, am a 30 something daily grind woman ie. University graduate, and current business woman. You can watch as I style and smile my way through daily work-outfits and classy everyday looks. As a fellow daily grind woman, I am sure you are also budget conscious. As such you will appreciate my style tips and tricks of how to make the most of your current wardrobe. I also am an avid thrift shopper, and often share my thrifting adventures.

I have no model figure and I’m not plus size either; just your average curvy girl navigating the fashion of the day to find a style that works for me. A part of my daily grind is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both through the struggle of healthy eating and exercise. You can find great reads about the common struggle and encouragement of what works and what doesn’t.

Lastly I’ll leave you with a little intimate tidbit: “why the name Baby T?” Almost everyone in my daily life calls me by the nickname “Tash.” But when I met my man, he wanted a nickname for me that nobody else had aka “Baby T.” Ironically enough, it turned out to be the perfect nick name for my “social-media-self.” Now he has to share the nickname with all you lovely readers & followers. Oops!


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