Jord Wood Watch: Spend my time on you

The unsung hero behind my many photos is my man. He begrudgingly is there to make sure I get a post worthy shot.

For his 30th year I wanted to show him some extra love and do something special. Usually we don’t do gifts, but this year was momentous so….

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Christmas Presents done right with Fashion!

I had a very long break from my daily grind lately. Went without work and my social media for about two weeks due to Christmas vacation and catching the flu. I can’t say that was the greatest parting gift from my home town but none the less did not spoil how great it was to see our families!

Finally feeling better I thought I would catch up and post a blog containing my Christmas haul.

Your family knows you best. And mine knows that if you’re getting me a present, fashion is a safe bet. I got so many cute items!

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

A woman cannot have enough accessories.. so bring it on!

I am constantly adding high-waist belts to any outfit-Now I have two different styled belts to add to my repertoire.

I love both these statement necklaces; they are nothing like anything I own. And the one on the right is similar to one that I have been coveting for awhile spoken about in a previous post… here

Maybe my family has been reading my blog? haha ..Big possibility.

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

This cut dress can be dressed up for work, worn simply for everyday, or styled for a night out. I love when items can do double or triple duty in my life. And what can I say about this scarf other than: pointing out that it is complete woolly-warm-cuteness.

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

My grandmother picked these up in her travels somewhere in Nashville.

These I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself. But sometimes those items bring a lot of interesting combinations to your wardrobe. And I’m excited to see what I can do with these Puppies!


I wanted some red booties for a long time. I don’t think I will be able to wear them for awhile though. They are super light; meaning they are super thin and will not hold up to these Northern Winters. Best saved for spring and ideally coloured for fall!

Good things come to those who wait?… no choice I guess, sigh.

[smart set]

[smart set]

Yay a grey-plaid style jacket for work is going to add a lot of personality to my work wardrobe. So excited for this jacket. It is nice to escape from the solid coloured jackets for a bit.

Smart Set and Suzy Shier

Most of these items are from Suzy Shier or Smart Set. I remember recently passing these stores that I would never have set foot in before and glancing inside only to think “Did Suzy Shier recently get an update?…I don’t remember them being so chic?!”

I don’t think that’s the case..

Time changes everything…including taste. and what I found stylish before, is not for me any longer. And what I used to find stuffy and boring-All of sudden is renewed in my eyes as chic.

Oh, the wonders of getting old.

I hope my tastes continue to evolve as I grow older.

Nobody wants to be that woman dressing ten years her junior and because of that looking tens years older than she is.

Age Gracefully Ladies.

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Christmas Party outfits

I was running out of time to write my Christmas Party Outfit post

So without further adieu…

What I’ve seen this Christmas for parties!


Karen Sequin Dress

Karen Sequin Dress

The Sequin was everywhere this Christmas.

The sparkle of new years has come early and has sprouted in December.

This fit of dress has been very popular for Christmas Parties as well. It is a very cheeky type of dress that is perfect for the big night out on the town, or that girl’s night downtown. You don’t want to be lost in the crowd, and this dress will ensure that you won’t be!

If this dress is a little to formal or extravagant for your party plans. A very cute idea is:



I adore this outfit from @shikshin on Instagram

So happy she used my hashtag #dailygrindlook !

This outfit is a perfect holiday look for those Christmas get-togethers with family and friends. Completely cute and festive!

You can check out her blog shikskin here!

Red, White, and …Metallic?

Most people will play it safe and wear black for those holiday parties. Even I did for one of my parties…but I figured the amazing cut would make up for it.

But be bold ladies in these colours that you cannot go wrong with!

red white mettalic

4. This is the time to bring out that Red dress you never have anywhere to wear. Smile and shine ladies cause your wearing your flirty dress!

6. Black and white with lace is such a classy look for a Christmas Party when you want to portray a successful sexy woman.

7. Lastly metallic is perfect for the young and playful. The party will revolve around you in this “shiny disco ball” dress.

What I wore


I went metallic for my Christmas Dress.

It is a French Connection fitted long sleeve dress; classy enough for a Christmas Staff Party. But it also fun with the metallic shimmer. I paired it with a low hanging metallic necklace to accentuate the shimmer of the dress.

What did you wear for your Holiday Party?!

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