Starting A New Job

Starting a New Job 

Well this is it- I am finally starting my new job and I couldn’t be more excited!

I applied to so many jobs I couldn’t even keep count. But this was the only job I REALLY wanted and after two! When I got the acceptance call, I literally jumped for joy…and had a conversation with my man of elated disbelief at our big break.

Now I actually have to prove they made the right decision.

No worries, I love to learn- Nerd Status…say whaat?! That is all you are expected to do in the first couple weeks of starting a new job. Learning the new culture, what the company does and how they do it, and lastly learn what is expected of you.

Bring it on!

Learning something new also brings nerves as well- there is a lot of uncertainty. This is the place where you will spend most of your time. The people working there will become like family, but will they be a cozy-close-nit-family or a dysfunctional one?

To find this out means a lot of networking- meeting new coworker friends and who’s who. Learning who are good allies, and learning how to navigate relationships with everyone in the office. Such as learning not to talk to the boss before their first cup of coffee in the morning.  This networking will help you get a clear perspective of the culture of the office like the unwritten rules such as where everyone has their lunch or smoke break, who does the dishes…and what not!

All this uncertainty and expectations for success = stress.

And unfortunately…

Stress = Weight Gain

After every major change in life- it has been known to cause weight gain.

New relationship- gain some happy weight…start college- put some party weight on…start a new job- stress weight…get married- happy weight again…have children- of course you gained weight…but surprisingly most of the time the father does as well. Any major change in life often leads to weight gain.

So of course I’m a little worried about falling off track of my new fitness journey.

 I am doing really well. But I know that I will have less time to work out, and more stress unwillingly consuming my energy.

The stakes are high to say the least.

I’m relying on self- determination and support from my man to see me through.

Do’s and Dont’s of Starting a New Job

I’ve read a few articles in anticipation of my first day, and here are three do’s and dont’s I found helpful to pass on to you.


1. First Impressions are still important!

Just because you landed the job, you still have to back up all those wonderful things you said about yourself in the interview process. You still want to stand out with success- it is not expected for anyone to come in and be successful at the job right away. But small wins while learning are definitely good. To be successful you must understand what the company deems success.

2. Understand why you are hired

This one is connected with the first. If you understand what the company deems success, you can more easily understand why the company believed you were ideal to become successful in the role.

Understand the expectations of you as an employee.

3. Be Conservative

On the first day you do not know the culture or what is allowed in terms of dress.

So the safe bet is to be conservative.

Here is my first day outfit:


I went with navy pant and a royal blue blazer. I added some personality with the polka dot top- I can’t stand being completely boring! But i choose a simple bun look with no jewellery.


1. Compare old job to new

Either way it can give the wrong impression. If your comparisons put your old job in a good light- coworkers will wonder why you left the old job? If you compare your old job in a negative light- well put simply, you look like a complainer.

This comparison syndrome also creates a distinction between you and the company reminding people you are new. You are supposed to be seamlessly assimilating.

2. Don’t try to change things

You may innocently be talking about your old position because you believe the information will be helpful at your new job. But you are the rookie, still learning and likely not seeing the whole picture.

You are simply a sponge in the first few days or weeks at the new job. No one expects you, or wants you to turn the place upside down. Your job is to observe, learn, and later make an informed suggestion.

3. Don’t expect hand-holding

 Obviously you are new and need guidance. But don’t expect that your manager is there to tell you what to do. Instead see it as you providing help for the manager to get things done.

The difference in perspective is the difference between:

the employee who when finished takes a break

and the employee who when finished asks the manager what else is needed?

Whether this initiative is something you can keep up is beyond the point…it is merely a good idea to show initiative in the beginning and hopefully throughout your employment!

Lastly: don’t be late. But that point should be moot by now.



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Thrift Finds : Month of May



This Saturday was a pretty good day for thrifting. I found a lot of cute items for $50.

Well it is just after “spring cleaning” so people are cleaning out their closets…while I’m adding to mine! haha



1. Jones New York purse in great condition

2. Aldo black heels – I also found a pair of just fab booties that unfortunately weren’t in my size.

3. Polka dot top

4. Necklace…the photo does not do it justice. It is a very cute, shiny, costume , pearly-chocker.


5. Urban Behaviour Hounds tooth dress in great condition


6. Blue Reitmans blazer

7. Dynamite tee …in a peachy orange colour i had to have.

8. Polka dot skirt

… All three make a pretty cute outfit!


9. Four scarves …it may not be scarf season but I will thank myself later for not leaving these cute items behind

10. I love this style of painting. So I just had to have that cute yet dark picture, which seems to go very well with the colour of the scarves i picked up coincidentally.

That is my 10 Month of May Thrift Finds.

Stay Tuned for “How to: Thrift”

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You Should Thrift.

After my last post I realized most of my outfit was thrifted items. Neat!

But …I actually used to be a thrifting snob. But one day I figured out it that it is great for shopping on a budget. A guilt free way to subdue a shopping craving. You can walk in with under $50 dollars and walk out with bags full.

Have you ever considered thrifting? Cause you should!

Check out some of my thrifted outfits:


After one of my first trips to “Goodwill” – I came back with such a haul that i could make a couple outfits with them.

And there they are!

Thrifted items: Sheer blouse, flare skirt, peak toe heels, striped button shirt, black purse, and fitted skirt.

Not too shabby eh?!


This outfit has two of my favourite thrifted pieces:You have an adorable checkered sweater, with this royal blue hounds tooth skirt.



When you enter the business world, you feel the need to have a business wardrobe. Well a budget friendly way to get one is to check out your local thrift store.

This outfit has two thrifted items: the finely checkered pant, and the bold blue top.

Not only can you find some great outfits through thrifting but you can also find some great statement pieces!


This gold and black purse is thrifted. When i found it, my jaw literally dropped. It was beautiful and i clutched at it while i continued to shop. No one was taking this beautiful baby from me.


This wool skirt is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, and it was thrifted!

I hate hanging up skirts and dresses for the winter, but this wool skirt keeps me fashionably warm even in a skirt through the coldest winters.


Lastly this pink scarf and leather jacket are thrifted items. And they are some of my “most-worn” items in my wardrobe.

I love leather jackets, and this thrifted one is my warmest and therefore worn a great deal.

And this scarf is so pretty it always adds a lot to any outfit i pair it with.

There are treasures hiding in thrift stores. All you got to do is find them!

Stay tuned soon for a “how to: thrift” post.

I’ve been told by my local thrift store cashier that: “I always find the best items! Every time she looks, she never finds anything”

Well I’ll pass my secrets on to you!

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Outfit for nature’s moodswings


It may be the beginning of May. But here in mississauga greater toronto area, the weather isn’t exactly blue skies and sunshine. More like cloudly, mild, and windy.

Hence my outfit for today. Im bringing the sunshine! With bold colour blocking-this outfit is very spring. But when I step into the wind. I have my brown wind breaker and colourful scarf to battle nature.

What do you think blog-babes? Am I bringing the sunshine?

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Nail Art: Two Toned

PicsArt_1397950927141[1] PicsArt_1397945374118[1]

How to: Nail Art – Two Toned 

You will need two shades of nail polish that compliment each other and tape to achieve this look.

[ Brands used: "Quo by Orly" and "Revlon" ]

[ Brands used: “Quo by Orly” and “Revlon” ]

1. Place tape on half of your nail from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner of the nail

2. Paint the non-taped side of the nail

3. Before fully dried peel the tape off- if the nail polish is fully dried it may chip

4. Paint the remaining side of the nail

5. Once fully dried paint with clear-nail-hardening polish

Tip: To make it easier- cut pieces of tape before hand


use straight edge of tape for the diagonal of the nail pattern.

Five Steps to an Easy Two Toned Nail Art patten.

Stay tuned for further nail art.

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Easter outfit


I was wondering what to wear for a family easter dinner today. I wanted to be festive but laid back. Then I seen this tee at the back of my closet.


I decided to go cheeky for my “bunny” outfit today.

Happy easter everyone!

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Orange Fashion Inspiration

Orange Fashion like in construction grabs the eye- It is not a typical colour and stands out from the crowd.

Read on for more orange fashion inspiration!

I was catching up on my #dailygrindlook hashtag on instagram and was completely inspired by all these fabulous ladies incorporating a little orange in their wardrobe!

Say hello to: @ohishop

[ Dress: Sheike ]

[ Dress: Sheike ]

She took the bold colour and ran with it- the high neck line gives a professional feel.

And the intricate back gives a fun flirty feel to this possible business casual look.

say hello to: @buddingfashionista

you can also check out her blog here:


If the previous orange dress is a little too casual for your work place.

I have this version for you!

Pair a orange dress with a white blazer and add a chunky tortoise necklace for visual interest!

say hello to: @chic_in_academia

you can also check out her blog here:


She wore orange as a blazer.

She styled it so perfectly with the dark wash jean, white bag and top, with a hint of tortoise in the necklace.

This is a definite colour scheme to follow when wearing orange.

say hello to: @sashadollfashioncloset

you can also check out her blog here:


I am absolutely ga-ga over this orange look.

The tangy-orange paired with the checkered navy top goes perfectly together.

and if you add a leather jacket to any outfit…count me in!

say hello to: @kaylapega_ffa


If you want a more subtle way to add some orange into your wardrobe.

Look for a piece that has a orange pattern!

The orange pattern in this skirt adds a definite cute factor into her outfit. She paired it with a off-white top and heel to let the pattern stand out.

well this one is me!



I also choose a skirt with an orange pattern from Old Navy.

I paired it with a polka dot pattern top.

The pairing of two brightly coloured patterns is a perfect business casual outfit for spring!

Another suggestion is purchasing an orange purse.

orange purse

I found this lovely outfit paired with a chic orange purse on the blog:

I hope you are inspired as much as I am by these orange looks!

What do you think about adding some orange to your wardrobe?

Follow my blog for style inspiration!

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My Interview Outfit


This is my own interview outfit.
( read: “interview: everything black and white” for the perfect interview outfit )

Style breakdown:

I stuck with the black and white standard. I also added some blue tones in the dress and the scarf-nothing too bold. The white blazer added structure needed for a strong professional outfit.

I always wear my hair up and pulled back for an interview. It looks the most professional. And ensures that I dont start playing with it …which I do a lot when im bored and nervous.

So wish me luck babyt blog readers!

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Dressing well is good manners

Sundays Fundays

Sundays are the day of rest- That day to recharge your batteries before you have to face another work week. So I understand that it takes a lot to get out of your comfortable sweats and get your butt presentable to the world.


[This is a tame picture searched for under ‘walmart people’- go ahead and take a look at this social media trend following the fashion choices of some. They range from the outrageous, the pajamas, to the indecent]

But I have one of my father’s teachings to pass a long:

“Before you leave the house always be sure that you look presentable. Never be like these people you see that go to the grocery store or that you see in walmart in their pajamas. What you are too lazy to put on a pair of jeans? I mean first impressions are everything- you never know who your going to meet. So be sure that you always look your best.” – Baby T’s Dad

ok.. so I may have been paraphrasing a bit. But generally that is how the mini lecture went. lol  At the time I just giggled, and said ok dad. But…he has a damn point. People who dress the part are more likely to get promoted at work. And there is a reason for that…it shows respect to your workplace, your boss, and towards your position at the company.

These principles for the workplace definitely are transferable to public locations. Dressing presentable shows respect to where you are and to the people around you. Dressing well is good manners!

But just because you should be presentable doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable as well.

Be casual, comfortable, and chic all at once.

[outfit: batman gifted tee, h&m skinnys, goodwill lace clutch and sandal]

[outfit: batman gifted tee, h&m skinnys, goodwill lace clutch and sandal]

[Outfit: H&M pant and booties, old navy olive green tee and necklace, goodwill vest and leather jacket]

[Outfit: H&M pant and booties, old navy olive green tee and necklace, goodwill vest and leather jacket]

[Outfit: H&M stripped top and shorts, goodwill vest]

[Outfit: H&M stripped top and shorts, goodwill vest]

[Outfit: H&M hat, townshoes boots, marshalls pink sweater, goodwill vest and scarf]

[Outfit: H&M hat, townshoes boots, marshalls pink sweater, goodwill vest and scarf]

The weekend is when I like to experiment more with my wardrobe. Try a look or idea that I know I wouldn’t be able to get away with at work. They usually tend to be more comfortable and edgy. But sometimes I will go completely different like the hippie look above. Each of these outfits are all very comfortable and easy- they also all express my personality openly.

Presentable doesn’t mean you have to dress for an interview or work, or wear a bunch of accessories, or essentially try hard at all.

A sweater and a pair of jeans is as simple as it gets and looks very nice.

sweater and jeans

comfort and very chic.

Sundays are for sweats. I’m in mine as I write this.

But sweats/ pajamas are meant for the four walls we all call home.

I never thought I would get fashion advice from my father or that I would be passing it along here

But there it is. My fashion rant inspired by my father.

Click here for a silly video rant.

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Winter Fashion Shopping Haul

“Fashion is not about Utility”

As I was watching ‘the devil wears prada’ the other day…the idea for this post came to me. Fashion may not be about utility. But style?….STYLE is neither ornament or utility. It is finding the balance between the two to express your individuality that equals STYLE.


My last shopping haul was based around this premise.

I picked all three of the following items because they are fab pieces for one …but my man was happy to buy them for me because they also filled a functionality purpose.

Balance between ornament and utility much? I think so!

Item 1

[ from: Big it up ]

[ from: Big it up ]

This is the neatest idea ever: Scarf and Hood in one!

Add a hood to anything, whether it is a jacket, sweater, dress…and you can count me in. So of course I need this scarf/hood. The faux fur is so lovely and soft as well; it feels amazing wrapped around you.

I got this item and the next hat from Big It up

They had a buy one and get a second half off. yay!

Item 2

[ From: Big it up ]

[ From: Big it up ]

I wouldn’t be a true Canadian without this faux fur fargo hat.

Traditionally a men’s style hat… I thought the manly “ugliness” of this hat paired with a cute outfit offers an interesting and pleasing look for a woman.

Such as this sweater dress outfit below.


Item 3

[ Target ]

[ Target ]

My last item, these boots from Target are my favourite.

I have worn them every day since I bought them… That being said they are extremely comfortable, and have a hard inner linear that prevents snow from sweeping into your socks. So I can easily trudge through snow if need be the case. I wear heels everyday, so heels in snow is no biggie for me despite what my coworkers think. haha!

But their functionality did not catch my eye when I first spotted these bad boys. It was their use of buckles or should I say ‘over-use’ of buckles beyond functionality that drew me in. -Essentially their ornamental-ness that said to me: “You need to buy these.”

Luckily because I need a pair of shoes that work for both winter and work. My man was happy to indulge my need to shop.

Utility and Fashion all wrapped up in three cute items.

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