Shades Of Purple

Purple Hair.

I’ve wanted to go purple for so long.
Specifically speaking: the first time i seen Kelly Osbourne with it.
I’ve even edited a photo of me to scope out how i would look.
Only trepidation being how it would be interrupted in the business world.




We have a ‘Wild purple hair, don’t care’ kind of attitude today. Colorful hair is no new fad, as more and more people seem to be jumping on the purple hair bandwagon. Dyed purple hair is a great way to add both femininity and edge to one’s aesthetic. All it takes is the right shade of purple (from light lavender to dark violet) that matches one’s skin tone as well as some courage. Why not give it a go?


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Orange Fashion Inspiration

Orange Fashion like in construction grabs the eye- It is not a typical colour and stands out from the crowd.

Read on for more orange fashion inspiration!

I was catching up on my #dailygrindlook hashtag on instagram and was completely inspired by all these fabulous ladies incorporating a little orange in their wardrobe!

Say hello to: @ohishop

[ Dress: Sheike ]

[ Dress: Sheike ]

She took the bold colour and ran with it- the high neck line gives a professional feel.

And the intricate back gives a fun flirty feel to this possible business casual look.

say hello to: @buddingfashionista

you can also check out her blog here:


If the previous orange dress is a little too casual for your work place.

I have this version for you!

Pair a orange dress with a white blazer and add a chunky tortoise necklace for visual interest!

say hello to: @chic_in_academia

you can also check out her blog here:


She wore orange as a blazer.

She styled it so perfectly with the dark wash jean, white bag and top, with a hint of tortoise in the necklace.

This is a definite colour scheme to follow when wearing orange.

say hello to: @sashadollfashioncloset

you can also check out her blog here:


I am absolutely ga-ga over this orange look.

The tangy-orange paired with the checkered navy top goes perfectly together.

and if you add a leather jacket to any outfit…count me in!

say hello to: @kaylapega_ffa


If you want a more subtle way to add some orange into your wardrobe.

Look for a piece that has a orange pattern!

The orange pattern in this skirt adds a definite cute factor into her outfit. She paired it with a off-white top and heel to let the pattern stand out.

well this one is me!



I also choose a skirt with an orange pattern from Old Navy.

I paired it with a polka dot pattern top.

The pairing of two brightly coloured patterns is a perfect business casual outfit for spring!

Another suggestion is purchasing an orange purse.

orange purse

I found this lovely outfit paired with a chic orange purse on the blog:

I hope you are inspired as much as I am by these orange looks!

What do you think about adding some orange to your wardrobe?

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Christmas Presents done right with Fashion!

I had a very long break from my daily grind lately. Went without work and my social media for about two weeks due to Christmas vacation and catching the flu. I can’t say that was the greatest parting gift from my home town but none the less did not spoil how great it was to see our families!

Finally feeling better I thought I would catch up and post a blog containing my Christmas haul.

Your family knows you best. And mine knows that if you’re getting me a present, fashion is a safe bet. I got so many cute items!

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

A woman cannot have enough accessories.. so bring it on!

I am constantly adding high-waist belts to any outfit-Now I have two different styled belts to add to my repertoire.

I love both these statement necklaces; they are nothing like anything I own. And the one on the right is similar to one that I have been coveting for awhile spoken about in a previous post… here

Maybe my family has been reading my blog? haha ..Big possibility.

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

This cut dress can be dressed up for work, worn simply for everyday, or styled for a night out. I love when items can do double or triple duty in my life. And what can I say about this scarf other than: pointing out that it is complete woolly-warm-cuteness.

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

My grandmother picked these up in her travels somewhere in Nashville.

These I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself. But sometimes those items bring a lot of interesting combinations to your wardrobe. And I’m excited to see what I can do with these Puppies!


I wanted some red booties for a long time. I don’t think I will be able to wear them for awhile though. They are super light; meaning they are super thin and will not hold up to these Northern Winters. Best saved for spring and ideally coloured for fall!

Good things come to those who wait?… no choice I guess, sigh.

[smart set]

[smart set]

Yay a grey-plaid style jacket for work is going to add a lot of personality to my work wardrobe. So excited for this jacket. It is nice to escape from the solid coloured jackets for a bit.

Smart Set and Suzy Shier

Most of these items are from Suzy Shier or Smart Set. I remember recently passing these stores that I would never have set foot in before and glancing inside only to think “Did Suzy Shier recently get an update?…I don’t remember them being so chic?!”

I don’t think that’s the case..

Time changes everything…including taste. and what I found stylish before, is not for me any longer. And what I used to find stuffy and boring-All of sudden is renewed in my eyes as chic.

Oh, the wonders of getting old.

I hope my tastes continue to evolve as I grow older.

Nobody wants to be that woman dressing ten years her junior and because of that looking tens years older than she is.

Age Gracefully Ladies.

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Winter Fashion Shopping Haul

“Fashion is not about Utility”

As I was watching ‘the devil wears prada’ the other day…the idea for this post came to me. Fashion may not be about utility. But style?….STYLE is neither ornament or utility. It is finding the balance between the two to express your individuality that equals STYLE.


My last shopping haul was based around this premise.

I picked all three of the following items because they are fab pieces for one …but my man was happy to buy them for me because they also filled a functionality purpose.

Balance between ornament and utility much? I think so!

Item 1

[ from: Big it up ]

[ from: Big it up ]

This is the neatest idea ever: Scarf and Hood in one!

Add a hood to anything, whether it is a jacket, sweater, dress…and you can count me in. So of course I need this scarf/hood. The faux fur is so lovely and soft as well; it feels amazing wrapped around you.

I got this item and the next hat from Big It up

They had a buy one and get a second half off. yay!

Item 2

[ From: Big it up ]

[ From: Big it up ]

I wouldn’t be a true Canadian without this faux fur fargo hat.

Traditionally a men’s style hat… I thought the manly “ugliness” of this hat paired with a cute outfit offers an interesting and pleasing look for a woman.

Such as this sweater dress outfit below.


Item 3

[ Target ]

[ Target ]

My last item, these boots from Target are my favourite.

I have worn them every day since I bought them… That being said they are extremely comfortable, and have a hard inner linear that prevents snow from sweeping into your socks. So I can easily trudge through snow if need be the case. I wear heels everyday, so heels in snow is no biggie for me despite what my coworkers think. haha!

But their functionality did not catch my eye when I first spotted these bad boys. It was their use of buckles or should I say ‘over-use’ of buckles beyond functionality that drew me in. -Essentially their ornamental-ness that said to me: “You need to buy these.”

Luckily because I need a pair of shoes that work for both winter and work. My man was happy to indulge my need to shop.

Utility and Fashion all wrapped up in three cute items.

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Woman’s Crush Wednesday- Kate Hudson

I need to pause for a moment to participate in Woman’s Crush Wednesday.

Drumroll please…

Kate Hudson

I’m a total fan. She is sexy, classy, cute, fun and completely gorgeous!

kate hudson for ann taylor

Everyday on my trek home from work. I walk through the Square One mall in Mississauga that is going through a lot of great renovations lately. During one of these treks I stopped in my tracks when I seen Reno-boards with Kate Hudson for Upcoming Ann Taylor. I immediately let out a little girlish squeal, this shop is perfect for me!

Below is the very Reno-board that stopped me in my tracks.

That smile….really!?


The outfit she is wearing above is so perfectly chic and sexy. Low cut peplum top with metal belt paired with a white pencil skirt= perfect.

So of course I had to take a more detailed look into what Kate has gotten on board with and…

Ann Taylor has the same must haves on their online shop as I do in my own wardrobe!

Anne Taylor Must have 1: LACE

It is the perfect mixture of classy and sexy.

I found this lace skirt that I absolutely LOVE.


Where to get it

But the fit would be absolutely essential for this skirt. SO its a definite Must Try.

But a must have is this lace and blush pink scarf below!


Although I’ve never been a girly-pink woman…Pink happens to be a colour that works very well for my complexion. And since it is paired with the lace detail…I am definitely on board!

Ann Taylor Must Have 2: POLKA DOTS

For the polka dot trend.. I find the size of the polka dot will definitely age the piece. Larger polka dots= younger.

imageServiceCAJPQ2UV   VS.      imageServiceCA483Y65

I actually really love both pieces. But sometimes I will love a piece and when I try it on I age myself about ten years and immediately take it off. I know the left piece will look young and fresh, while the right piece could work for me if styled properly such as with skinnys in a vibrant colour and trendy hairstyle.

Ann Taylor Must have 3: Black and White

Every piece I’ve chosen has been black and white…and obviously you know the reason now. It is a must have in my wardrobe. I am obsessed with it.

Some other great pieces I loved are these blazers:

imageServiceCAKJSZ3Y               imageServiceCAC714YF

where to get striped jacket                                      where to get motto jacket

I love the classic yet bold feeling of the stripped jacket. But I love the edginess and fantastic cut of the motto jacket.

These pieces are BOTH must haves of mine.

So now you can see why Kate Hudson is definitely worthy of a woman’s crush Wednesday…she brought me to all these amazing pieces.

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