Jewels of Yours

 I have been following Jewels of Yours on instagram for awhile.

She showcases her beautiful array of statement necklaces, dainty necklaces, and cute bags!

After a mutual love and support IG relationship- we decided to collaborate.

Coming all the way from Singapore–

Oh the connections you make through life ūüôā

I noticed a package in my mailbox. I practically ran upstairs to open it in my condo.

During our conversations Vanessa from Jewels of Yours would say: “I hope the jewels¬†bring you joy!”

And oh did they ever.

As I unwrapped each of the three pieces that arrived.

I Literally squealed of happiness!!!

Tiana Blue Gem Necklace Tassels necklace agate silver chain pearl necklace

I couldn’t wait to style each necklace.

Right away I had three outfits in mind based around each piece.

Tiana Blue Gem Necklace

PicsArt_1409145344478[1] PicsArt_1409497520517[1]

All my current necklaces are either: pearl, chain, black, or gold.

Very neutral because then they are easy to put with outfits.

But now I have been tainted with colour!

This blue gem necklace has been the easiest to style with my clothing ironically.

It compliments colour and adds a boost of colour where there isn’t much.

PicsArt_1409180199560[1] PicsArt_1409180431393[1]

Agate Silver Chain and Pearl Necklace 

This necklace felt like the most “me.”

The combination of pearls and chains is so very me.

A little bit of class, mixed with a little bit of attitude.


It was perfect to add some attitude to a conservative work look.

It adds a lot of personality to any outfit.

But it is definitely enough of a statement piece to stand on its own as well

Just some bare skin and a necklace.


Tassels Necklace

I just HAD to do a plunging neckline outfit for this necklace.



This necklace won’t only look great with a shirt or dress that follows the same neckline.

It would also look amazing with a dress or shirt that has a high neckline.

high dress tassel necklace

Follow me on instagram Instagram to watch me style these pieces:


Follow @jewelsofyours to see more beautiful pieces!


You can SHOP Jewels of Yours pieces:

She sells surprisingly affordable beauty.

Who can say that they are wearing something from Singapore?!

Shipped directly to you!

Although the company usually ships locally only.

They were willing to make an exception for BabyT Beauties that fall in love while online shopping.

Let’s help bring joy internationally and check out Jewels of Yours!

International Postage
1. Delivery charge of S$10.00 is applicable for delivery to any country outside of Singapore for every item.
2. Delivery takes around 6 to 14 working days (depending on your destination) from the date of payment verification
3. We will send you an email with your tracking number once your package has been mailed out
4. Delivery company is via airmail Singpost
5. Kindly ensure that there is someone to sign for your package at the door
6. Re-delivery charges will apply in the event that the package is being return back to our Singapore address


What do you think of the Jewels?!

Let me know: Comment, like, share …spread love! ūüôā

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My Dream Closet

My Dream Closet


Michael Kors handbag

DailyLook pink handbag

Lacquer dresser

Hand woven rug

Audrey hepburn wall art

White chair

Blue table

Round footstool

Fabric shade



IKEA Mildra

IKEA PS 1995

Did Carrie from Sex in the City have it right all along?!
“Don’t buy me a ring…just get me a REALLY big closet”
carries dream closet
I’ve been dreaming about a walk in closet big enough to fit all my clothes for a while. Instead of having my clothes scattered and stored in different parts of my condo like I do now. So I thought I would do a post about my dream closet…but a realistic version. Something attainable!

I thought if I was going to shop for my own closet…where would I go? Immediately I thought of target and Ikea. So here is my dream closet made from those two very places!

I got my colour scheme from the Rug. My favourite colours are purple and blue featured in the rug. It also gives multiple other colours to bounce off of.

I would want my purses stored high…because I don’t change up my purses as often. So I would want them stored out of the way but still on display high above eye level.

All my “unmentionables” and clothes that need to be folded away would go in this multi-drawer dresser. I would use decor suitable to the colour scheme on top the dresser; but the decor would also have to be functionable. The bowl would be used as a jewellery bowl. The clock would remind me that- I need to choose an outfit or I’m going to be late for work! haha

I would have a cushy chair to relax while I think or Instagram my outfits for the day! A round cushion stool to lay out my outfits. Or to sit down to change my shoes or put on tights! Like the Cushy stool, the teal roll-able stool would do triple duty for scarves, belts, and jewellery.

I would store my shoes to the ceiling in the dark wood storage container. They would be beautifully show cased like my dresses and shirts on the simple steel rod. I wanted the closet to feel open. Often I have clothes everywhere because I cannot find something to wear. The lived- in and relaxed feeling could easily have clothes ontop the furniture and not feel completely dirty. Compared to a closed wardrobe- with one item out of place in those closets…the whole closet feels messed.

Last but not least…the purple manikin. I would intend to use this to layout my outfits…although I doubt that would happen. haha. But none the less it would be perfect for outfit shots and pretty decor none the less!

Closet Budget
When mentally budgeting for a closet.
I thought a reasonable amount to spend on a closet would be $1,500.
The grand total for my Dream Closet?!
Drum Roll…..
$1,608.77 + Tax
Wow. Not Bad.
I mean look at everything I got:
Five pieces of furniture…storage solutions…and decor!
That is exactly why I like Ikea and Target.
Cute Items on a budget!
What do you think?
What pieces would you want in your closet?!
Take a second: comment, like, share! ūüôā
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The Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

Modcloth and Baby T’s Fashion Diaries¬†

So I am completely flattered to be asked to participate in Modcloth’s uniquely you campaign.

The first article of clothing they have asked me to style in my individual taste is their: “The Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink”

Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

This dress is absolutely stunning!

The cut is absolutely perfect for my body type: a high-waisted dress with a sweet-heart neckline!

And florals are very trendy this spring,

Although I can appreciate the beauty of this dress…

I am not particularly a flowery-pink-girly girl… I am up for the challenge to make this dress my own.

I am going to darken it up a bit!


retro vintage sweater

Modcloth Vintage Crochet Cadigan

This Crochet Cardigan keeps the spring look but definitely darkens the look for me. But I do not want to lose my waist so I added a belt.

Modcloth Vintage Feather Belt

Modcloth Vintage Feather Belt

The feather ties in nicely with the crochet cardigan, and the teal ties in nicely with the colours of the floral dress. The colour isn’t matchy-matchy with the dress, but they do “go together.”

I was beyond happy when I found these rings that have the deep teal colour of the belt and the white and red from the dress… helping me bring everything together.

Modcloth Trifecta Ring Set

Modcloth Trifecta Ring Set

I also like the edgy contemporary style of the rings that contrasts with the old-style of the dress.

Lastly I choose a dark red heel that compliments both the dress and the dark accessories I added.

Modcloth Fine Dining Heel in Rouge

Modcloth Fine Dining Heel in Rouge

I picked this style of heel to give the dress a more contemporary feel.


I did a lot of mixing with this styling:

Mixing: flowerly-pink-girly with dark-crochet-feathers.

Mixing: the old vintage style dress with the contemporary heel and rings.

But I used the colour pallet to help tie everything together.

Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

I know some of my readers would love to wear this dress.

You can get this dress and  accessories that would go perfectly while representing what this dress stands for at:

My styling has really changed the look of this dress…almost making the flowers ironic.

But the Modcloth campaign is called Uniquely You.

And this is how i would wear and style this dress!

I hope you can appreciate the changes I’ve made to¬†the over all character of the look.

Let me know what you think! ūüôā

To find other amazing dresses from Modcloth check out their website below:

Shop Modcloth Dresses


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Dressing for work and night life part 2

I find a certain style lends itself to both work and night life more than any other.

That is a Classy-Edgy style.


This¬†“professional-sexy to the max” outfit is¬†from the bebe collection!

The pencil skirt and high top shirt is a professional fit yet the form fitted-ness and the material of the top is definitely night-life worthy.

But if the above style isn’t for you.

Changing an outfit from work to night is as easy as changing the styling of an outfit.

Such as how you wear your hair and the accessories you use.

IMG_20130926_124116 IMG_20130215_151047

I would be much more willing to stay in this French Connection dress with styling 2 compared to styling 1.

The¬†second has a sharper feeling: with the Rhianna inspired hairstyle (braid on one side and curls on the other) and the pointed high heel…

The first feels softer: with the chunky shoe, flowing curls, and pearl necklace.


Changing an outfit from day to night is as simple as changing your accessories.

Changing your shoe from your work flats to those 4 Inch stilettos that sit prettily in your closet begging to be paraded about during celebratory occasions.

Or changing your jewellery…¬†¬†switching from a pearl necklace to a spike heavy metal inspired necklace.

**Changing from soft to hard seems to be a trend in this post**

pearl spike necklace

Where to get this pearl necklace                    where to shop spike inspired necklaces

These two necklaces represent two sides of myself it seems.

I dress classy, soft and pretty at work. But during the weekends I dress more edgy.

What are your two styles for work wear and weekend wear?

You can also check out part 1 of this post here.

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Woman’s Crush Wednesday- Kate Hudson

I need to pause for a moment to participate in Woman’s Crush Wednesday.

Drumroll please…

Kate Hudson

I’m a total fan. She is sexy, classy, cute, fun and completely gorgeous!

kate hudson for ann taylor

Everyday on my trek home from work. I walk through the Square One mall in Mississauga that is going through a lot of great renovations lately. During one of these treks I stopped in my tracks when I seen Reno-boards with Kate Hudson for Upcoming Ann Taylor. I immediately let out a little girlish squeal, this shop is perfect for me!

Below is the very Reno-board that stopped me in my tracks.

That smile….really!?


The outfit she is wearing above is so perfectly chic and sexy. Low cut peplum top with metal belt paired with a white pencil skirt= perfect.

So of course I had to take a more detailed look into what Kate has gotten on board with and…

Ann Taylor has the same must haves on their online shop as I do in my own wardrobe!

Anne Taylor Must have 1: LACE

It is the perfect mixture of classy and sexy.

I found this lace skirt that I absolutely LOVE.


Where to get it

But the fit would be absolutely essential for this skirt. SO its a definite Must Try.

But a must have is this lace and blush pink scarf below!


Although I’ve never been a girly-pink woman…Pink happens to be a colour that works very well for my complexion. And since it is paired with the lace detail…I am definitely on board!

Ann Taylor Must Have 2: POLKA DOTS

For the polka dot trend.. I find the size of the polka dot will definitely age the piece. Larger polka dots= younger.

imageServiceCAJPQ2UV   VS.      imageServiceCA483Y65

I actually really love both pieces. But sometimes I will love a piece and when I try it on I age myself about ten years and immediately take it off. I know the left piece will look young and fresh, while the right piece could work for me if styled properly such as with skinnys in a vibrant colour and trendy hairstyle.

Ann Taylor Must have 3: Black and White

Every piece I’ve chosen has been black and white…and obviously you know the reason now. It is a must have in my wardrobe. I am obsessed with it.

Some other great pieces I loved are these blazers:

imageServiceCAKJSZ3Y               imageServiceCAC714YF

where to get striped jacket                                      where to get motto jacket

I love the classic yet bold feeling of the stripped jacket. But I love the edginess and fantastic cut of the motto jacket.

These pieces are BOTH must haves of mine.

So now you can see why Kate Hudson is definitely worthy of a woman’s crush Wednesday…she brought me to all these amazing pieces.

If you agree… go ahead and follow my blog! ūüôā

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