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I’ve enjoyed collaborating with another blogger recently so much i wanted to do it again!

 I reached out to another blogger friend of mine by the name of Jody.

I thought she would be perfect to do a collab with… we both have a blog dedicated to related topics:

Fashion / Style / Fitness / Thrifting / Life

We decided to do her “Style Steal Challenge” together.

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Alexa Fantham Photography

You ever have that moment with your long time friends where you think…wow look how much we’ve changed and who we have become!

One of my high-school girlfriends made her profession as a photographer- a rather talented and passionate one!

She does everything from wedding, baby photos, engagements, sports, beauty and fashion.

Check out her work here:

With my unexpected life course into a passion for fashion shared through social media.

We decided that it would be perfect to do a fashion photoshoot while she was visiting one day.

Here is the results of that decision!





double 2

fire place 1454264_701747268621_1090875139_n





Thanks for stopping by!

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You Should Thrift.

After my last post I realized most of my outfit was thrifted items. Neat!

But …I actually used to be a thrifting snob. But one day I figured out it that it is great for shopping on a budget. A guilt free way to subdue a shopping craving. You can walk in with under $50 dollars and walk out with bags full.

Have you ever considered thrifting? Cause you should!

Check out some of my thrifted outfits:


After one of my first trips to “Goodwill” – I came back with such a haul that i could make a couple outfits with them.

And there they are!

Thrifted items: Sheer blouse, flare skirt, peak toe heels, striped button shirt, black purse, and fitted skirt.

Not too shabby eh?!


This outfit has two of my favourite thrifted pieces:You have an adorable checkered sweater, with this royal blue hounds tooth skirt.



When you enter the business world, you feel the need to have a business wardrobe. Well a budget friendly way to get one is to check out your local thrift store.

This outfit has two thrifted items: the finely checkered pant, and the bold blue top.

Not only can you find some great outfits through thrifting but you can also find some great statement pieces!


This gold and black purse is thrifted. When i found it, my jaw literally dropped. It was beautiful and i clutched at it while i continued to shop. No one was taking this beautiful baby from me.


This wool skirt is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, and it was thrifted!

I hate hanging up skirts and dresses for the winter, but this wool skirt keeps me fashionably warm even in a skirt through the coldest winters.


Lastly this pink scarf and leather jacket are thrifted items. And they are some of my “most-worn” items in my wardrobe.

I love leather jackets, and this thrifted one is my warmest and therefore worn a great deal.

And this scarf is so pretty it always adds a lot to any outfit i pair it with.

There are treasures hiding in thrift stores. All you got to do is find them!

Stay tuned soon for a “how to: thrift” post.

I’ve been told by my local thrift store cashier that: “I always find the best items! Every time she looks, she never finds anything”

Well I’ll pass my secrets on to you!

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Dressing for work and night life part 2

I find a certain style lends itself to both work and night life more than any other.

That is a Classy-Edgy style.


This “professional-sexy to the max” outfit is from the bebe collection!

The pencil skirt and high top shirt is a professional fit yet the form fitted-ness and the material of the top is definitely night-life worthy.

But if the above style isn’t for you.

Changing an outfit from work to night is as easy as changing the styling of an outfit.

Such as how you wear your hair and the accessories you use.

IMG_20130926_124116 IMG_20130215_151047

I would be much more willing to stay in this French Connection dress with styling 2 compared to styling 1.

The second has a sharper feeling: with the Rhianna inspired hairstyle (braid on one side and curls on the other) and the pointed high heel…

The first feels softer: with the chunky shoe, flowing curls, and pearl necklace.


Changing an outfit from day to night is as simple as changing your accessories.

Changing your shoe from your work flats to those 4 Inch stilettos that sit prettily in your closet begging to be paraded about during celebratory occasions.

Or changing your jewellery…  switching from a pearl necklace to a spike heavy metal inspired necklace.

**Changing from soft to hard seems to be a trend in this post**

pearl spike necklace

Where to get this pearl necklace                    where to shop spike inspired necklaces

These two necklaces represent two sides of myself it seems.

I dress classy, soft and pretty at work. But during the weekends I dress more edgy.

What are your two styles for work wear and weekend wear?

You can also check out part 1 of this post here.

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Dressing for both work and night life part 1

There just seems to never be enough hours in the day. I remember hearing adults saying this when I was young and thinking it was just a saying adults said like “good weathering we’re having huh?” But now that I’m older…eek. I actually see what the big fuss is about. I do not know what I did with my time before, and I cannot even fathom adding children’s needs into the mix. Working mothers are seriously super heros…I’m taking a moment to say PROPS!

But when we finally take a moment for ourselves and go on a date, go out with friends, or step out into the night life. We don’t always have time to return home to switch outfits. So here is a few tips to dress for both Work and whatever  you spend your afterhours doing.

Tip 1: Colour!

Be Bold my Beauties…Be Bold!

[Details: H&M sunglasses and necklace, star wars tee, old navy skirt, target bag, and payless heels]

[Details: H&M sunglasses and necklace, star wars tee, old navy skirt, target bag, and payless heels]

 The style techniques I used to make this outfit more work appropriate are the high sock bun, the high wasited-knee length skirt, and the target bag. But the stars wars tee and colourful nature of this outfit are definitely fun enough for after work as well. I would feel comfortably dressed at work and out with girl friends in this outfit.

Orange seems to be my go-to colour for transitioning from work to night life. This orange skirt with the green jacket is so fabulous and fun, it can easily transition from work to girl friend adventures after work. Also the green jacket can easily come off to say come hither to the fellas across the way! 😉

[Details: chictopia: ann taylor blazer with H&M skirt]

[Details: chictopia: ann taylor blazer with H&M skirt]

Tip 2: Blazers

Blazers are your new best friend ladies…stock up with a tonne of variety!

It is as easy as adding a blazer to your night life outfit.

[Details: H&M belt and jacket over a French Connection dress]

[Details: H&M belt and jacket over a French Connection dress]

I wore this form-fitting dress out on a date with my man. If I can make my boyfriend say “damn” when I step out of the dressing-room than I know the dress is a “got-to-have-it” piece! But when you feel that great in a dress you also want to wear it everywhere else. So I paired with a longer jacket and pulled it all together with a brown chunky belt.

Another very trendy night life outfit today incorporates the bodice. If you are a curvy girl like me, the bodice can be overtly sexy. And overtly sexy at the office is just a big….uh no! But for you other ladies, the bodice is perfection. It can accentuate your curves and up the sexiness to any outfit. And out on a date or enjoying the night life at the clubs that’s what you want….that turn heads kind of sexy.

That is what I love about the blazer tip.

Blazer on: you look professional. But Blazer off: you unleash the party-animal within.

I hope these tips help you save time and dress for the entire day!

There are more tips to follow.

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