Valentines Day Outfit: from your own closet.

Well here’s a novel idea: how about a valentine’s day outfit with clothes from your own closet.

I got a few tips to help you find the perfect outfit without having to buy something!

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My wife is not the same woman that I married | The Matt Walsh Blog

I came home today and came across this title for a blog article across my news feed.

Intrigued I took a read. It speaks about marriage and divorce. How the statement, “sometimes people change,”  is not a legitimate reason for ending a marriage. Let’s face it, you gave up. People are always changing, you didn’t choose to marry that person only for who they were that one day you married them. You choose to marry them and be united to them for the rest of your life and whoever they will be during that journey.

I think people have forgotten that marriage is about choosing a LIFE PARTNER. My grandmother, who was married to my grandfather since she was 19 to the day he passed, once told me: “love isn’t enough.” That’s because it’s much harder than that. It’s about always trying, always putting the relationship first. Your partner is always changing, so you should always be trying to learn more about your partner and how they’ve changed- never get complacent.  Sure you may know her “chapter 1” so well that you could tell it to her, but there are always new pages being written.

Marriage is just as much about the structure: sacrifice, compromise, struggle, and support as it is about the mushy-romantic centre: joy and love.

You can read Mark Walsh’s post below:

My wife is not the same woman that I married | The Matt Walsh Blog.

Ps. Here is a quote I loved from the blog:

“sometimes i can read her like a book, but sometimes she wears an expression I’ve never seen. Sometimes she smiles like the world is telling a joke that only she understands”


Like the “Matt Walsh Blogger” I may not be speaking from a point of experience like 30-40 years of marriage. But I have chosen my life partner, and we’ve been together for close to seven years and living together for over 5. We’ve made it through doing it long distance, through money struggles, through moving twice including to a new city, and what I’m most proud of is the “growing pains” of becoming adults as me and my man surprisingly met when I was 19. What comforts me is I know that we can change drastically as people and still hold onto each other through it all.



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Winter Fashion Shopping Haul

“Fashion is not about Utility”

As I was watching ‘the devil wears prada’ the other day…the idea for this post came to me. Fashion may not be about utility. But style?….STYLE is neither ornament or utility. It is finding the balance between the two to express your individuality that equals STYLE.


My last shopping haul was based around this premise.

I picked all three of the following items because they are fab pieces for one …but my man was happy to buy them for me because they also filled a functionality purpose.

Balance between ornament and utility much? I think so!

Item 1

[ from: Big it up ]

[ from: Big it up ]

This is the neatest idea ever: Scarf and Hood in one!

Add a hood to anything, whether it is a jacket, sweater, dress…and you can count me in. So of course I need this scarf/hood. The faux fur is so lovely and soft as well; it feels amazing wrapped around you.

I got this item and the next hat from Big It up

They had a buy one and get a second half off. yay!

Item 2

[ From: Big it up ]

[ From: Big it up ]

I wouldn’t be a true Canadian without this faux fur fargo hat.

Traditionally a men’s style hat… I thought the manly “ugliness” of this hat paired with a cute outfit offers an interesting and pleasing look for a woman.

Such as this sweater dress outfit below.


Item 3

[ Target ]

[ Target ]

My last item, these boots from Target are my favourite.

I have worn them every day since I bought them… That being said they are extremely comfortable, and have a hard inner linear that prevents snow from sweeping into your socks. So I can easily trudge through snow if need be the case. I wear heels everyday, so heels in snow is no biggie for me despite what my coworkers think. haha!

But their functionality did not catch my eye when I first spotted these bad boys. It was their use of buckles or should I say ‘over-use’ of buckles beyond functionality that drew me in. -Essentially their ornamental-ness that said to me: “You need to buy these.”

Luckily because I need a pair of shoes that work for both winter and work. My man was happy to indulge my need to shop.

Utility and Fashion all wrapped up in three cute items.

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