Branding Yourself

Paying $400 to Brand Myself.

Once upon a time my heart was stolen by Valentino.

He came across my news feed, and won me over with his blushing colour and his classy bow ties.

imagejpeg_2[1] PicsArt_1407609847740[1]

Meet Mr. Valentino.

My heart still aches that I do not own this beautiful bag.

But my ultimate decision was to walk away.

As you may have guessed the price of this beauty was the decision factor.

Branding myself with this bag would sting my budget in a hard way.

And I ultimately decided that the beauty wasn’t worth the pain.

While tormenting over this decision at home and at work.

I was given some rather interesting advice.

If the bag is worth more than what you would carry inside it…then you can’t afford it. 

I already knew I couldn’t afford the item.

But I guess the poetic wording of this statement had turned a light bulb on in my head.

Why do people buy brands?

There are 3 logical reasonings to do so:

1. Confidence that the brand represents quality

2. Keeping up with the Joneses mentality

3. Loyalty ie. emotional attachment to brand

My desire was strictly to do with number 2.

To be able to say I own a Beautiful Valentino bag.

But that’s silly.

To me that would be like those people that flash money that don’t have any.

fanned money

Cue the money selfie.

If at some point in time I could walk around easily with disposable money of $400 in my bag.

The value of Valentino would be justified.

But until then… Me, my thrifted bag, and my fabulous self are walking away.

End Rant.

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How to Thrift

I by no means consider myself a thrifting expert.

But I have been known to find some really great pieces.

And known for putting together some outfits that would make you look twice.. knowing most of it came from thrift stores.


Before I even had my first adult experience thrifting- I researched….as I’ve been known to do.

I googled the wealthiest part of the city searched the nearby “good will.”

My logic being that the wealthiest can buy the best material, and best brands …and well donate them near their home.

Choosing the nearest thrift store to your home, although convenient, may not be the best strategy.

Once you’ve set your targets on the perfect location. How do you find the diamond in the rough?

Personally I take my time. I go through it all.

Although the employees try to keep the store organized either by size, colour, and type of clothing. The reality is stuff gets lost, misplaced, or even hidden-Yes hidden. People may find an item that they don’t want to purchase at that moment and will hide the item within a different section. Obviously this item was good enough to hide, meaning its good enough to take the time to find!

Sorry Ladies- You snooze you lose.

Now of course it would be mind numbingly long to inspect each item in the entire store.

So to speed up the process- learn to keep a keen eye.

If you don’t think you could spot that shining diamond in the rough.


Go though your closet; take the time to really take a look.

Feel the material, notice the stitching, and how it falls off the hanger.

Once you know what you are looking for- it will stand out amongst the cotton oversized tee-shirts at the thrift store.

The trick is to scan the racks.


Once you find something. Be sure to look it over.

Inspect for imperfections, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, stains…yes I said it.

Some things people donate, maybe should have been donated to the garbage bin.

I once found a pair of bebe high-waisted shorts with the security tag still on it.

like really?

You know what- I bought them.

Doesn’t mean I’m a thief right.?!

I just went home and researched how to disassemble a magnetic security tag without ruining the item of clothing.

You really can find anything on youtube.

The point of this story?

Some items can be fixed.

Sure it may be missing a button…

but you can go out choose your own buttons and create a completely unique piece to your own design!

Also little fixes like stitching, and re-zippering all are very budget friendly.


But some things sometimes cannot be fixed- like fit.

I don’t know how many times I’ve found a great pair of heels only to be tragically disappointed when THIS  Cinderella wasn’t so lucky.

But that’s the game of thrifting.

You may be the ugly sister for one charming item…but then you look twelve o’clock and find the shoe that fits.

Did you love that labored metaphor? haha


Lastly I’ve leave you with some of my recent thrifted outfits.

PicsArt_1406035597386[1] PicsArt_1405604267756[1]

Can you spot the thrifted items?

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The Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

Modcloth and Baby T’s Fashion Diaries 

So I am completely flattered to be asked to participate in Modcloth’s uniquely you campaign.

The first article of clothing they have asked me to style in my individual taste is their: “The Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink”

Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

This dress is absolutely stunning!

The cut is absolutely perfect for my body type: a high-waisted dress with a sweet-heart neckline!

And florals are very trendy this spring,

Although I can appreciate the beauty of this dress…

I am not particularly a flowery-pink-girly girl… I am up for the challenge to make this dress my own.

I am going to darken it up a bit!


retro vintage sweater

Modcloth Vintage Crochet Cadigan

This Crochet Cardigan keeps the spring look but definitely darkens the look for me. But I do not want to lose my waist so I added a belt.

Modcloth Vintage Feather Belt

Modcloth Vintage Feather Belt

The feather ties in nicely with the crochet cardigan, and the teal ties in nicely with the colours of the floral dress. The colour isn’t matchy-matchy with the dress, but they do “go together.”

I was beyond happy when I found these rings that have the deep teal colour of the belt and the white and red from the dress… helping me bring everything together.

Modcloth Trifecta Ring Set

Modcloth Trifecta Ring Set

I also like the edgy contemporary style of the rings that contrasts with the old-style of the dress.

Lastly I choose a dark red heel that compliments both the dress and the dark accessories I added.

Modcloth Fine Dining Heel in Rouge

Modcloth Fine Dining Heel in Rouge

I picked this style of heel to give the dress a more contemporary feel.


I did a lot of mixing with this styling:

Mixing: flowerly-pink-girly with dark-crochet-feathers.

Mixing: the old vintage style dress with the contemporary heel and rings.

But I used the colour pallet to help tie everything together.

Garden Home Tour Dress in Pink

I know some of my readers would love to wear this dress.

You can get this dress and  accessories that would go perfectly while representing what this dress stands for at:

My styling has really changed the look of this dress…almost making the flowers ironic.

But the Modcloth campaign is called Uniquely You.

And this is how i would wear and style this dress!

I hope you can appreciate the changes I’ve made to the over all character of the look.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

To find other amazing dresses from Modcloth check out their website below:

Shop Modcloth Dresses


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Outfit for nature’s moodswings


It may be the beginning of May. But here in mississauga greater toronto area, the weather isn’t exactly blue skies and sunshine. More like cloudly, mild, and windy.

Hence my outfit for today. Im bringing the sunshine! With bold colour blocking-this outfit is very spring. But when I step into the wind. I have my brown wind breaker and colourful scarf to battle nature.

What do you think blog-babes? Am I bringing the sunshine?

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Shades Of Purple

Purple Hair.

I’ve wanted to go purple for so long.
Specifically speaking: the first time i seen Kelly Osbourne with it.
I’ve even edited a photo of me to scope out how i would look.
Only trepidation being how it would be interrupted in the business world.




We have a ‘Wild purple hair, don’t care’ kind of attitude today. Colorful hair is no new fad, as more and more people seem to be jumping on the purple hair bandwagon. Dyed purple hair is a great way to add both femininity and edge to one’s aesthetic. All it takes is the right shade of purple (from light lavender to dark violet) that matches one’s skin tone as well as some courage. Why not give it a go?


Todays Top Looks

    S1  B1-MAIN  F3

1, 2, 3

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Orange Fashion Inspiration

Orange Fashion like in construction grabs the eye- It is not a typical colour and stands out from the crowd.

Read on for more orange fashion inspiration!

I was catching up on my #dailygrindlook hashtag on instagram and was completely inspired by all these fabulous ladies incorporating a little orange in their wardrobe!

Say hello to: @ohishop

[ Dress: Sheike ]

[ Dress: Sheike ]

She took the bold colour and ran with it- the high neck line gives a professional feel.

And the intricate back gives a fun flirty feel to this possible business casual look.

say hello to: @buddingfashionista

you can also check out her blog here:


If the previous orange dress is a little too casual for your work place.

I have this version for you!

Pair a orange dress with a white blazer and add a chunky tortoise necklace for visual interest!

say hello to: @chic_in_academia

you can also check out her blog here:


She wore orange as a blazer.

She styled it so perfectly with the dark wash jean, white bag and top, with a hint of tortoise in the necklace.

This is a definite colour scheme to follow when wearing orange.

say hello to: @sashadollfashioncloset

you can also check out her blog here:


I am absolutely ga-ga over this orange look.

The tangy-orange paired with the checkered navy top goes perfectly together.

and if you add a leather jacket to any outfit…count me in!

say hello to: @kaylapega_ffa


If you want a more subtle way to add some orange into your wardrobe.

Look for a piece that has a orange pattern!

The orange pattern in this skirt adds a definite cute factor into her outfit. She paired it with a off-white top and heel to let the pattern stand out.

well this one is me!



I also choose a skirt with an orange pattern from Old Navy.

I paired it with a polka dot pattern top.

The pairing of two brightly coloured patterns is a perfect business casual outfit for spring!

Another suggestion is purchasing an orange purse.

orange purse

I found this lovely outfit paired with a chic orange purse on the blog:

I hope you are inspired as much as I am by these orange looks!

What do you think about adding some orange to your wardrobe?

Follow my blog for style inspiration!

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Dressing well is good manners

Sundays Fundays

Sundays are the day of rest- That day to recharge your batteries before you have to face another work week. So I understand that it takes a lot to get out of your comfortable sweats and get your butt presentable to the world.


[This is a tame picture searched for under ‘walmart people’- go ahead and take a look at this social media trend following the fashion choices of some. They range from the outrageous, the pajamas, to the indecent]

But I have one of my father’s teachings to pass a long:

“Before you leave the house always be sure that you look presentable. Never be like these people you see that go to the grocery store or that you see in walmart in their pajamas. What you are too lazy to put on a pair of jeans? I mean first impressions are everything- you never know who your going to meet. So be sure that you always look your best.” – Baby T’s Dad

ok.. so I may have been paraphrasing a bit. But generally that is how the mini lecture went. lol  At the time I just giggled, and said ok dad. But…he has a damn point. People who dress the part are more likely to get promoted at work. And there is a reason for that…it shows respect to your workplace, your boss, and towards your position at the company.

These principles for the workplace definitely are transferable to public locations. Dressing presentable shows respect to where you are and to the people around you. Dressing well is good manners!

But just because you should be presentable doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable as well.

Be casual, comfortable, and chic all at once.

[outfit: batman gifted tee, h&m skinnys, goodwill lace clutch and sandal]

[outfit: batman gifted tee, h&m skinnys, goodwill lace clutch and sandal]

[Outfit: H&M pant and booties, old navy olive green tee and necklace, goodwill vest and leather jacket]

[Outfit: H&M pant and booties, old navy olive green tee and necklace, goodwill vest and leather jacket]

[Outfit: H&M stripped top and shorts, goodwill vest]

[Outfit: H&M stripped top and shorts, goodwill vest]

[Outfit: H&M hat, townshoes boots, marshalls pink sweater, goodwill vest and scarf]

[Outfit: H&M hat, townshoes boots, marshalls pink sweater, goodwill vest and scarf]

The weekend is when I like to experiment more with my wardrobe. Try a look or idea that I know I wouldn’t be able to get away with at work. They usually tend to be more comfortable and edgy. But sometimes I will go completely different like the hippie look above. Each of these outfits are all very comfortable and easy- they also all express my personality openly.

Presentable doesn’t mean you have to dress for an interview or work, or wear a bunch of accessories, or essentially try hard at all.

A sweater and a pair of jeans is as simple as it gets and looks very nice.

sweater and jeans

comfort and very chic.

Sundays are for sweats. I’m in mine as I write this.

But sweats/ pajamas are meant for the four walls we all call home.

I never thought I would get fashion advice from my father or that I would be passing it along here

But there it is. My fashion rant inspired by my father.

Click here for a silly video rant.

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Christmas Presents done right with Fashion!

I had a very long break from my daily grind lately. Went without work and my social media for about two weeks due to Christmas vacation and catching the flu. I can’t say that was the greatest parting gift from my home town but none the less did not spoil how great it was to see our families!

Finally feeling better I thought I would catch up and post a blog containing my Christmas haul.

Your family knows you best. And mine knows that if you’re getting me a present, fashion is a safe bet. I got so many cute items!

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

A woman cannot have enough accessories.. so bring it on!

I am constantly adding high-waist belts to any outfit-Now I have two different styled belts to add to my repertoire.

I love both these statement necklaces; they are nothing like anything I own. And the one on the right is similar to one that I have been coveting for awhile spoken about in a previous post… here

Maybe my family has been reading my blog? haha ..Big possibility.

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

This cut dress can be dressed up for work, worn simply for everyday, or styled for a night out. I love when items can do double or triple duty in my life. And what can I say about this scarf other than: pointing out that it is complete woolly-warm-cuteness.

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

My grandmother picked these up in her travels somewhere in Nashville.

These I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself. But sometimes those items bring a lot of interesting combinations to your wardrobe. And I’m excited to see what I can do with these Puppies!


I wanted some red booties for a long time. I don’t think I will be able to wear them for awhile though. They are super light; meaning they are super thin and will not hold up to these Northern Winters. Best saved for spring and ideally coloured for fall!

Good things come to those who wait?… no choice I guess, sigh.

[smart set]

[smart set]

Yay a grey-plaid style jacket for work is going to add a lot of personality to my work wardrobe. So excited for this jacket. It is nice to escape from the solid coloured jackets for a bit.

Smart Set and Suzy Shier

Most of these items are from Suzy Shier or Smart Set. I remember recently passing these stores that I would never have set foot in before and glancing inside only to think “Did Suzy Shier recently get an update?…I don’t remember them being so chic?!”

I don’t think that’s the case..

Time changes everything…including taste. and what I found stylish before, is not for me any longer. And what I used to find stuffy and boring-All of sudden is renewed in my eyes as chic.

Oh, the wonders of getting old.

I hope my tastes continue to evolve as I grow older.

Nobody wants to be that woman dressing ten years her junior and because of that looking tens years older than she is.

Age Gracefully Ladies.

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Woman’s Crush Wednesday- Kate Hudson

I need to pause for a moment to participate in Woman’s Crush Wednesday.

Drumroll please…

Kate Hudson

I’m a total fan. She is sexy, classy, cute, fun and completely gorgeous!

kate hudson for ann taylor

Everyday on my trek home from work. I walk through the Square One mall in Mississauga that is going through a lot of great renovations lately. During one of these treks I stopped in my tracks when I seen Reno-boards with Kate Hudson for Upcoming Ann Taylor. I immediately let out a little girlish squeal, this shop is perfect for me!

Below is the very Reno-board that stopped me in my tracks.

That smile….really!?


The outfit she is wearing above is so perfectly chic and sexy. Low cut peplum top with metal belt paired with a white pencil skirt= perfect.

So of course I had to take a more detailed look into what Kate has gotten on board with and…

Ann Taylor has the same must haves on their online shop as I do in my own wardrobe!

Anne Taylor Must have 1: LACE

It is the perfect mixture of classy and sexy.

I found this lace skirt that I absolutely LOVE.


Where to get it

But the fit would be absolutely essential for this skirt. SO its a definite Must Try.

But a must have is this lace and blush pink scarf below!


Although I’ve never been a girly-pink woman…Pink happens to be a colour that works very well for my complexion. And since it is paired with the lace detail…I am definitely on board!

Ann Taylor Must Have 2: POLKA DOTS

For the polka dot trend.. I find the size of the polka dot will definitely age the piece. Larger polka dots= younger.

imageServiceCAJPQ2UV   VS.      imageServiceCA483Y65

I actually really love both pieces. But sometimes I will love a piece and when I try it on I age myself about ten years and immediately take it off. I know the left piece will look young and fresh, while the right piece could work for me if styled properly such as with skinnys in a vibrant colour and trendy hairstyle.

Ann Taylor Must have 3: Black and White

Every piece I’ve chosen has been black and white…and obviously you know the reason now. It is a must have in my wardrobe. I am obsessed with it.

Some other great pieces I loved are these blazers:

imageServiceCAKJSZ3Y               imageServiceCAC714YF

where to get striped jacket                                      where to get motto jacket

I love the classic yet bold feeling of the stripped jacket. But I love the edginess and fantastic cut of the motto jacket.

These pieces are BOTH must haves of mine.

So now you can see why Kate Hudson is definitely worthy of a woman’s crush Wednesday…she brought me to all these amazing pieces.

If you agree… go ahead and follow my blog! 🙂

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Styling dresses for work part 1

Today half my closet is made up of dresses. But believe it or not when I was younger, I thought dresses were just not for me. I wouldn’t even try one on. This was back when I never wore heels, and thought I was a big rebel for wearing sneakers with everything including skirts. Cute when your young but thankfully my style has matured along with me.

Wake up and realize that dresses are perfect for everyone and for anywhere!

But let’s breakdown how to keep dresses professional and chic at work:

1. Well structured dress

Of course number one has to be the structured dress. This type of dress is perfect for any figure, slim or full figured, the dress is designed to do all the work and give you the look you want. The double bonus is that not only do you get the lines you want in your figure but these strong lines also look very professional.

Below is my Calvin Klein Dress I got from Marshalls. This epitomizes what a professional work dress is: a structured black and white dress styled with a high tight sock bun….with pearls! And I pretty much knocked it on the top of the head.

[Details: black and white Calvin Klein Dress from Marshalls]

[Details: black and white Calvin Klein Dress from Marshalls]

Below is a fresh take on a structured work dress that was brought to me through my instagram hashtag #dailygrindlook. It is still structured and professional looking, but it is in a vibrant yellow colour. It makes the look feel young and fresh! This look is brought to you by:

Miss @ohishop


[Details: Dress from @sheikeandco]

My 2 tip: The Blazer

If you have read any of my other posts, you know that I talk about the perks of a blazer a lot…Hah  but there’s a reason! You can add a blazer essentially to any outfit, and it immediately becomes that more chic… And chic means that it is that much closer to being a work appropriate outfit. Here are two examples of a dress paired with a blazer.

The first is brought to you by me: Natasha aka Baby T.

Although I say in the details below that the dress is from Old Navy. It is actually a skirt from old navy that I wore as a dress instead. The elastic waist band makes it able to transition into a dress.

To make it more work appropriate I paired it with grey tights and a beige blazer.

[Details: Dress from Old navy, blazer from H&M, and Guess purse]

[Details: Dress from Old navy, blazer from H&M, and Guess purse]

My second dress-blazer work look is brought to you by:

Mrs. @shaifa_dani


She tagged this cute work look to my hashtag #dailygrindlook. I love this look for its simplicity. The grey dress, black blazer, paired with the pop of red, and shine of the shoe is so effortless and chic! Isn’t that what we want…effortlessness in our work wardrobe?! Especially if your in the midst of your radiant pregnancy like this babe.

My third tip: Tricky Length

A problem of mine that you may be able to relate to is wanting to wear a dress to work… but when you put it on you realize it might be a little too short for work. What to do…what to do?! Exert a big sigh and change? Well if your stubborn like me…you get creative instead.

Obviously a shirt-dress is going to be too short for work. I mean it is called a shirt-dress for a reason. Usually on the weekend I would pair this dress with leggings and call it a day. But for work that is just not possible. So I paired it with a pair of jeans and blazer. I have a fairly laid back work place where I can get away with wearing jeans to work… pause to say YAY. But if you cannot, swapping for a pair of light skinnys would be just as fab.

[Details: shirt-dress from @cuteoutfitsonline, jeans from DKNY Marshalls, and jacket from Goodwill]

[Details: shirt-dress from @cuteoutfitsonline, jeans from DKNY Marshalls, and jacket from Goodwill]

You can get this cute shirt-dress from:

cute outfits online

They have lots of cute trendy items on their online shop… with FREE shipping worldwide.

Your welcome. 🙂

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