Don’t let good style go to waste

When I entered the business world, I felt the need to solemnly surrender to a life in boring buttons up, suit pants, blazers and vests. These pieces didn’t inspire a feeling of femininity, personality, or fun at all. Looking back now, I see that it was me alone that lacked in inspiration. These pieces when fitted and styled properly can be incredibly chic. The vest in particular has been tragically overlooked; it is a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Let me tell you why.

[Details: H&M vest and skinnys, with an Aeropostale striped button up, and Jessica Simpson from Sears black pointed heels]

[Details: H&M vest and skinnys, with an Aeropostale striped button up, and Jessica Simpson- Sears black pointed heels]



     Just one disclaimer. If you are large chested, the classic vest may not be for you. The girls may look like they are trying desperately to break free from suppression. But for us ladies who were not blessed with such endowments, a vest can give great shape to the bust while cinching in at the waist. Everyone wants that hour-glass figure, and the vest can give you that!


Well lets face it, we cannot wear our weekend attire to the office. Professionals have to depict a good first impression. This doesn’t mean we have to go out and buy a bunch of pant suits. But we do have to present the image of success in our field of employment. This is where the vest comes in handy. It adds a sense of professionalism to any outfit. Even though it has been around way before my generation, it still feels like a fresh-young look.

[Details: H&M vest, button-up, and pant, with target bag, and nine west heels]

[Details: H&M vest, button-up, and pant, with target bag, and nine west heels]


You can find well-made vests in virtually all popular Canadian Fashion shops; it is a staple that will always sell. The vests that I personally own are from H&M, Dynamite, and Bebe. But for the more adventurous fashionistas I have a secret to share: Every vest I own is thrifted! Because the vest is so overlooked, there is a wide assortment of abandoned barely worn vests in vintage shops. Give your wallet a break and step out of those pricey work attire shops. Instead keep a keen eye out in the shops you already love, or give the vintage shops a try. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


The vest isn’t just an investment for your work wardrobe; it can transition easily into your weekend wear. It adds a lot of personality to your outfits. If you are looking for a bit of quirk, fun, or funk; the vest is for you. Take a look at a vest outfit that I paired with some converses.

[Details: H&M pant, and button-up, Bebe vest, and a pair of converses from target]

[Details: H&M pant, and button-up, Bebe vest, and a pair of converses from target]

If you do not want to go the classic fit route. You can choose a trendy version of the vest. A popular trend these days is the wrap. This option is also better for you large-chested babes out there. Although the little black dress in the below picture is a bit short for work; the idea still holds true. Throwing a wrap vest over an outfit creates an effortless chic look that can hold its own in the professional world.

wrap vest

So…Don’t let good style go to waste!

Join me in the movement to save the vest from the thrifted piles of abandonment. Take a second look. Try adding a high-waisted belt, a statement necklace, or a fun top underneath. Exercise those style muscles! You can find more vest inspiration on my instagram @babyt_fashiondiaries. I would love to see your vest inspired looks; tag #dailygrindlook for a possible feature.

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