Style Adventure: Snow Queen

Do you have that one dress that brings you joy when you see, as it’s such a beautiful dress… but you never wear it?

I wanted to do a style adventure shoot for that dress. That dress that makes you feel bomb when you wear it. The dress that only probably gets worn once during your life or twice if your lucky. To remind you to take that dress out for a wear yourself.

I bought this dress from hudson bay for a friends wedding. It was actually a pretty heavy dress for a summer wedding, but it was too gorgeous to pass up plus it was on sale.

This time I would style it for winter, and I had this idea of a snow queen. A royal look that also was very practical for nature.

For the location I wanted to be surrounded by snow and nature. Rockwood conversatory has many beautiful snow filled paths that I thought would be perfect to shoot in. But then I seen this cobble stone building, which seemed like a type of home that a snow queen would live in out in the middle of nowhere within the forest.

“Real power is control. Knowing that you can do anything…and not doing it only because you can

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Thrifting Toronto: first haul of 2017

I haven’t been thrift shopping in a good minute…ever since my ‘gold mine’ was shut down, I haven’t wanted to search out a new place to thrift. Then a friend of mine introduced me to a new spot called Plato’s Closet…and I’M BACK!

Here is my first haul and my first thrifted outfit of 2017

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Winter Jackets : Styling

Stay warm and still look cute is the number one priority of a Canadian Fashionista.

You don’t want to choose between staying warm and wasting a fabulous outfit.

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Styling from head to toe

I often listen to Beyonce while working out…

and she was actually the inspiration for my hair and makeup in this blog post. While watching Beyonce’s old music video “video phone..” she rocked a look with a pulled back braided-ponytail, a harsh cat eye and a bold black lip.

I didn’t so much want to recreate but use it as inspiration for an outfit post.

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Styling: Sunday sweats and Heels

On Canadian Winter Sundays, all you want to do is curl up in your sweats and stay indoors.

I styled a look using my Boyfriend’s sweat pants so you can go from comfy cozy to street chic!

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Thigh High Aldo Boots: Styling

Did you do any black Friday Shopping? I definitely did.

I took the opportunity to snag my first pair of thigh high boots from Aldo. They were 50% off and finally within my budget to justify more shoes.

This is how I styled them for the first time..

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You Should Thrift.

After my last post I realized most of my outfit was thrifted items. Neat!

But …I actually used to be a thrifting snob. But one day I figured out it that it is great for shopping on a budget. A guilt free way to subdue a shopping craving. You can walk in with under $50 dollars and walk out with bags full.

Have you ever considered thrifting? Cause you should!

Check out some of my thrifted outfits:


After one of my first trips to “Goodwill” – I came back with such a haul that i could make a couple outfits with them.

And there they are!

Thrifted items: Sheer blouse, flare skirt, peak toe heels, striped button shirt, black purse, and fitted skirt.

Not too shabby eh?!


This outfit has two of my favourite thrifted pieces:You have an adorable checkered sweater, with this royal blue hounds tooth skirt.



When you enter the business world, you feel the need to have a business wardrobe. Well a budget friendly way to get one is to check out your local thrift store.

This outfit has two thrifted items: the finely checkered pant, and the bold blue top.

Not only can you find some great outfits through thrifting but you can also find some great statement pieces!


This gold and black purse is thrifted. When i found it, my jaw literally dropped. It was beautiful and i clutched at it while i continued to shop. No one was taking this beautiful baby from me.


This wool skirt is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, and it was thrifted!

I hate hanging up skirts and dresses for the winter, but this wool skirt keeps me fashionably warm even in a skirt through the coldest winters.


Lastly this pink scarf and leather jacket are thrifted items. And they are some of my “most-worn” items in my wardrobe.

I love leather jackets, and this thrifted one is my warmest and therefore worn a great deal.

And this scarf is so pretty it always adds a lot to any outfit i pair it with.

There are treasures hiding in thrift stores. All you got to do is find them!

Stay tuned soon for a “how to: thrift” post.

I’ve been told by my local thrift store cashier that: “I always find the best items! Every time she looks, she never finds anything”

Well I’ll pass my secrets on to you!

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Christmas Presents done right with Fashion!

I had a very long break from my daily grind lately. Went without work and my social media for about two weeks due to Christmas vacation and catching the flu. I can’t say that was the greatest parting gift from my home town but none the less did not spoil how great it was to see our families!

Finally feeling better I thought I would catch up and post a blog containing my Christmas haul.

Your family knows you best. And mine knows that if you’re getting me a present, fashion is a safe bet. I got so many cute items!

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

[Necklaces from Suzy Shier and belts from L.A Express]

A woman cannot have enough accessories.. so bring it on!

I am constantly adding high-waist belts to any outfit-Now I have two different styled belts to add to my repertoire.

I love both these statement necklaces; they are nothing like anything I own. And the one on the right is similar to one that I have been coveting for awhile spoken about in a previous post… here

Maybe my family has been reading my blog? haha ..Big possibility.

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

[ Dress from Smart Set and scarf unknown ]

This cut dress can be dressed up for work, worn simply for everyday, or styled for a night out. I love when items can do double or triple duty in my life. And what can I say about this scarf other than: pointing out that it is complete woolly-warm-cuteness.

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

[ Somewhere in Nashville ]

My grandmother picked these up in her travels somewhere in Nashville.

These I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself. But sometimes those items bring a lot of interesting combinations to your wardrobe. And I’m excited to see what I can do with these Puppies!


I wanted some red booties for a long time. I don’t think I will be able to wear them for awhile though. They are super light; meaning they are super thin and will not hold up to these Northern Winters. Best saved for spring and ideally coloured for fall!

Good things come to those who wait?… no choice I guess, sigh.

[smart set]

[smart set]

Yay a grey-plaid style jacket for work is going to add a lot of personality to my work wardrobe. So excited for this jacket. It is nice to escape from the solid coloured jackets for a bit.

Smart Set and Suzy Shier

Most of these items are from Suzy Shier or Smart Set. I remember recently passing these stores that I would never have set foot in before and glancing inside only to think “Did Suzy Shier recently get an update?…I don’t remember them being so chic?!”

I don’t think that’s the case..

Time changes everything…including taste. and what I found stylish before, is not for me any longer. And what I used to find stuffy and boring-All of sudden is renewed in my eyes as chic.

Oh, the wonders of getting old.

I hope my tastes continue to evolve as I grow older.

Nobody wants to be that woman dressing ten years her junior and because of that looking tens years older than she is.

Age Gracefully Ladies.

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