Style Adventure: Snow Queen

Do you have that one dress that brings you joy when you see, as it’s such a beautiful dress… but you never wear it?

I wanted to do a style adventure shoot for that dress. That dress that makes you feel bomb when you wear it. The dress that only probably gets worn once during your life or twice if your lucky. To remind you to take that dress out for a wear yourself.

I bought this dress from hudson bay for a friends wedding. It was actually a pretty heavy dress for a summer wedding, but it was too gorgeous to pass up plus it was on sale.

This time I would style it for winter, and I had this idea of a snow queen. A royal look that also was very practical for nature.

For the location I wanted to be surrounded by snow and nature. Rockwood conversatory has many beautiful snow filled paths that I thought would be perfect to shoot in. But then I seen this cobble stone building, which seemed like a type of home that a snow queen would live in out in the middle of nowhere within the forest.

“Real power is control. Knowing that you can do anything…and not doing it only because you can

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Styling dresses for work part 1

Today half my closet is made up of dresses. But believe it or not when I was younger, I thought dresses were just not for me. I wouldn’t even try one on. This was back when I never wore heels, and thought I was a big rebel for wearing sneakers with everything including skirts. Cute when your young but thankfully my style has matured along with me.

Wake up and realize that dresses are perfect for everyone and for anywhere!

But let’s breakdown how to keep dresses professional and chic at work:

1. Well structured dress

Of course number one has to be the structured dress. This type of dress is perfect for any figure, slim or full figured, the dress is designed to do all the work and give you the look you want. The double bonus is that not only do you get the lines you want in your figure but these strong lines also look very professional.

Below is my Calvin Klein Dress I got from Marshalls. This epitomizes what a professional work dress is: a structured black and white dress styled with a high tight sock bun….with pearls! And I pretty much knocked it on the top of the head.

[Details: black and white Calvin Klein Dress from Marshalls]

[Details: black and white Calvin Klein Dress from Marshalls]

Below is a fresh take on a structured work dress that was brought to me through my instagram hashtag #dailygrindlook. It is still structured and professional looking, but it is in a vibrant yellow colour. It makes the look feel young and fresh! This look is brought to you by:

Miss @ohishop


[Details: Dress from @sheikeandco]

My 2 tip: The Blazer

If you have read any of my other posts, you know that I talk about the perks of a blazer a lot…Hah  but there’s a reason! You can add a blazer essentially to any outfit, and it immediately becomes that more chic… And chic means that it is that much closer to being a work appropriate outfit. Here are two examples of a dress paired with a blazer.

The first is brought to you by me: Natasha aka Baby T.

Although I say in the details below that the dress is from Old Navy. It is actually a skirt from old navy that I wore as a dress instead. The elastic waist band makes it able to transition into a dress.

To make it more work appropriate I paired it with grey tights and a beige blazer.

[Details: Dress from Old navy, blazer from H&M, and Guess purse]

[Details: Dress from Old navy, blazer from H&M, and Guess purse]

My second dress-blazer work look is brought to you by:

Mrs. @shaifa_dani


She tagged this cute work look to my hashtag #dailygrindlook. I love this look for its simplicity. The grey dress, black blazer, paired with the pop of red, and shine of the shoe is so effortless and chic! Isn’t that what we want…effortlessness in our work wardrobe?! Especially if your in the midst of your radiant pregnancy like this babe.

My third tip: Tricky Length

A problem of mine that you may be able to relate to is wanting to wear a dress to work… but when you put it on you realize it might be a little too short for work. What to do…what to do?! Exert a big sigh and change? Well if your stubborn like me…you get creative instead.

Obviously a shirt-dress is going to be too short for work. I mean it is called a shirt-dress for a reason. Usually on the weekend I would pair this dress with leggings and call it a day. But for work that is just not possible. So I paired it with a pair of jeans and blazer. I have a fairly laid back work place where I can get away with wearing jeans to work… pause to say YAY. But if you cannot, swapping for a pair of light skinnys would be just as fab.

[Details: shirt-dress from @cuteoutfitsonline, jeans from DKNY Marshalls, and jacket from Goodwill]

[Details: shirt-dress from @cuteoutfitsonline, jeans from DKNY Marshalls, and jacket from Goodwill]

You can get this cute shirt-dress from:

cute outfits online

They have lots of cute trendy items on their online shop… with FREE shipping worldwide.

Your welcome. 🙂

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