Styling: Dog Crate

Do you crate your dog?

The benefits of crating mean’t we bought one the day we bought our new family member.

But they really are hideous…see how i incorporated Ares’ crate into our small condo.

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Eshakti: dresses for fall

Fall has to be my favourite style season.

It’s still warm enough to get away with dresses and skirts but stylistically speaking layering is a must. Today I styled my eshakti-pleated cotton dress. It is the perfect shade of red for fall.

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Woman’s Crush Wednesday- Kate Hudson

I need to pause for a moment to participate in Woman’s Crush Wednesday.

Drumroll please…

Kate Hudson

I’m a total fan. She is sexy, classy, cute, fun and completely gorgeous!

kate hudson for ann taylor

Everyday on my trek home from work. I walk through the Square One mall in Mississauga that is going through a lot of great renovations lately. During one of these treks I stopped in my tracks when I seen Reno-boards with Kate Hudson for Upcoming Ann Taylor. I immediately let out a little girlish squeal, this shop is perfect for me!

Below is the very Reno-board that stopped me in my tracks.

That smile….really!?


The outfit she is wearing above is so perfectly chic and sexy. Low cut peplum top with metal belt paired with a white pencil skirt= perfect.

So of course I had to take a more detailed look into what Kate has gotten on board with and…

Ann Taylor has the same must haves on their online shop as I do in my own wardrobe!

Anne Taylor Must have 1: LACE

It is the perfect mixture of classy and sexy.

I found this lace skirt that I absolutely LOVE.


Where to get it

But the fit would be absolutely essential for this skirt. SO its a definite Must Try.

But a must have is this lace and blush pink scarf below!


Although I’ve never been a girly-pink woman…Pink happens to be a colour that works very well for my complexion. And since it is paired with the lace detail…I am definitely on board!

Ann Taylor Must Have 2: POLKA DOTS

For the polka dot trend.. I find the size of the polka dot will definitely age the piece. Larger polka dots= younger.

imageServiceCAJPQ2UV   VS.      imageServiceCA483Y65

I actually really love both pieces. But sometimes I will love a piece and when I try it on I age myself about ten years and immediately take it off. I know the left piece will look young and fresh, while the right piece could work for me if styled properly such as with skinnys in a vibrant colour and trendy hairstyle.

Ann Taylor Must have 3: Black and White

Every piece I’ve chosen has been black and white…and obviously you know the reason now. It is a must have in my wardrobe. I am obsessed with it.

Some other great pieces I loved are these blazers:

imageServiceCAKJSZ3Y               imageServiceCAC714YF

where to get striped jacket                                      where to get motto jacket

I love the classic yet bold feeling of the stripped jacket. But I love the edginess and fantastic cut of the motto jacket.

These pieces are BOTH must haves of mine.

So now you can see why Kate Hudson is definitely worthy of a woman’s crush Wednesday…she brought me to all these amazing pieces.

If you agree… go ahead and follow my blog! 🙂

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