Winter Jackets : Styling

Stay warm and still look cute is the number one priority of a Canadian Fashionista.

You don’t want to choose between staying warm and wasting a fabulous outfit.

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When I think of the two words…investment, and suspenders. Visuals of the investment banker in his power suit comes to mind.


Power. Intelligence. Confidence.

After a long Hiatus…the suspenders have made a come back in men’s fashion. But my favourite development is men’s fashion being adapted to women’s fashion. Suspender’s don’t need to be adapted as much because they are pretty unisex in nature anyways. But we have taken them as an option for women’s fashion as well! They are perfect for women’s work fashion as they portray power, intelligence, and confidence. They also give a big kick of personality with the nod to the past.

My Suspender Looks:

[Details: call it spring cross scarf, hot topic suspenders, H&M green three-quarter length top, R&W black pant, and Jessica Simpson black heels from Sears collection]

[Details: call it spring cross scarf, hot topic suspenders, H&M green three-quarter length top, R&W black pant, and Jessica Simpson black heels from Sears collection]

I personally mixed the past with present in this work outfit. The suspenders are a nod to the past, but the cross scarf is definitely very trendy today. This is a great look for fall fashion. The scarf and suspender accessories are much more appropriate than the dainty necklaces of summer.

The above look is very unisex; I can see a fashionable man also wearing an adaption of this same outfit. But suspenders don’t always create a unisex look.

[Details: H&M purple three-quartered top and black pencil skirt, and call it spring cross scarf]

[Details: H&M purple three-quartered top and black pencil skirt, hot topic suspenders, and call it spring cross scarf]

With only two minor changes, the outfit no longer looks unisex. The same scarf, same  suspenders, paired with a “girly” colour and a pencil skirt creates a much more feminine look. You ladies could ramp up the femininity even more with a soft hairstyle or sock bun. But I opted to go the edgy route with a braided slick back hairstyle. Go big or big home, right?!

Miss Victoria Beckham’s feminine suspender look


I mean you don’t get more feminine and posh than that right?! There is just something about an all white suit that just works for women, they look incredibly chic. But when men do it, it can almost look comical… maybe because of the Miama Vice affiliation.

I had to give props to one of the style queens for this sexy suspender look.

Suspenders as an Investment

When I bought my first suspenders seen above from Hot Topic, they were only 7 dollars. I always wanted to try incorporating suspenders into my wardrobe and at 7 dollars a pop, how can you go wrong?! Unfortunately… you definitely can! I loved the addition that this piece added to my closet, but I was definitely disappointed with the construction. The clasps were flimsy and could not stand up to the task:  with just one unexpected large movement in the day I would have to double check to see if one of my suspender clasps came undone. Nobody wants a wardrobe malfunction.  So it seems suspenders are an investment piece.

Only buy suspenders that are made from good material. Test it out before-hand. Move the clasps around…do they seem stable, strong, and up to the task? Is it a single clasp or double-up clasp? (Double-up suspenders have two clasps on each suspender side to add strength) Don’t forget to try the adjustable pieces, you will have to adjust the length of the suspenders when you get home to your fit. When you adjust these pieces, do they re-seal and stay put …or does adjusting them break the seal and the pieces have lost their integrity?

With Suspenders you definitely buy what you pay for!


Don’t worry your suspenders won’t be forever placed in the side of your closet assigned for your work clothes only. If you are going to invest in buying a good pair of suspenders, you want to be able to incorporate them into your weekend wear as well. So ideas for suspender weekend outfits are:

1. Wearing them Lose

Having the suspenders lose at your sides creates a casual feeling perfect for weekend wear.


Here you can see Selena Gomez, an upcoming little fashionista, sporting a dress pant with lose suspenders and crop top.  I absolutely adore this look. It is not sexy in the same way that Victoria Beckham’s look was…but the crop top creates a playful sexy that feels youthful.

2. You can also pair your suspenders with shorts during the weekend.

weekend suspenders

This outfit is very simple. I mean it is a pair of shorts with a basic white tee. But the addition of the suspenders to the shorts steps up the cute factor immensely. You either need details in an outfit or a statement piece, and suspenders can be that statement piece for you. It will take a very basic outfit to a new level.

Stepping it up a notch

Lastly I want to leave you with an outfit I am coveting over.

work suspenders

I love this look for work. The stripped tee under the open blouse is great styling. I mean Stripes and suspenders?…perfect! Although I am still on a mission to find the perfect suspenders to add to my wardrobe again. I couldn’t wait to imitate this look.

[details: an H&M look with nine west heels]

[details: an H&M look with nine west heels]

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